WordPress Top Choice For SME’s

by John
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"wordpress-for-small-business-news"WordPress was originally seen as a platform for the bloggers but it seems that its growing popularity has led WordPress to become one of the most popular choices for Small and Medium Businesses (SME’s) in the UK.

The content management system from WordPress is so popular now in the UK that more than half of small businesses are now using the services of WordPress to power their websites and control their content.

The information about the popularity of WordPress was released by 34SP.com as part of their research and shows that WordPress is not only a very versatile platform for individual bloggers looking for a cheap and simple way to put their message across but is also seen as the optimum choice for small businesses in the UK looking for a professional website service that is easy to use and cheap to run.

The majority of the companies using WordPress as their content management system were firms with less than 50 employees with many citing the reason for choosing WordPress as being able to use the site without any knowledge of HTML and coding skills while a further 16 percent said that the plugins and extended functionality of WordPress made it their first choice.

WordPress really is a site that is ideal for any person or business who is looking to have a web presence but is not overly concerned about having something flashy that requires constant management and help from a webmaster to solve simple problems.

Other reasons that businesses said that they were choosing WordPress included the large and free support network offered by WordPress while the SEO functions were also a bonus.

Examples of larger companies that use WordPress to run their sites include the CNN and Forbes news sites that optimise the WordPress development tools according to the report.

Daniel Foster from 34SP.com said about the report: “Despite its origins as a blogging tool, WordPress has now evolved into a trusted CMS for businesses.

“The very fact it was designed as a blogging tool means that it’s simple to upload content and add pages, plus it can be managed from any computer.

“We have actually seen an increase in the number of businesses wanting to host their WordPress site with us, and our research further proves that it is continuing to gain popularity with business users.”

WordPress has seen its fair share of problems in recent times with vulnerabilities being identified however its updating system and online support still make it the top choice for SME’s looking for a website to fit their needs and their budget.

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