WordPress Theme Developer Able To Build Dream Home

by John
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"wordpress-news-developers-make-money"Anyone who maybe questioning the point of working within WordPress for financial gain need only to look at one duo of WordPress theme developers who put together a single theme and have now made enough money that one of the pair is now building his own dream house for himself and his extended family.

The Pakistan based developer, one half of the duo, put together a paid for theme that has proven to be so popular with WordPress users that his single theme has led to the pair becoming very wealthy in a short space of time with enough money to even build a dream home.

The WordPress theme in question is the Avada theme which has become the highest selling theme on the Australian tech site ThemeForest.

The pair behind the Avada theme call themselves ThemeFusion and so far the Avada theme has created more than $4 million in sales alone.

The creative and technological pairing of Muhammad Haris, who is base in Lahore in Pakistan, with the designer Luke Beck who is based in the US, has proven to be a winning formula in the world of WordPress development and theme design.

Speaking to Business Insider Australia, Muhammad Haris said of his success: “Right now we sell only one theme, Avada, which has over 60,000 copies sold.”

Due to the continued success of the WordPress theme now Muhammad Haris is able to build the home of his dreams in Pakistan and is looking to house his entire family in the three storey building.

Muhammad Haris said: “We live in an extended family system.  We are able to build this houses thanks to selling one theme on ThemeForest.

The company that owns ThemeForest, Envato, is headed by CEO Collis Ta’eed who believes that the Avada theme is not only one of the best out there but is also capable of many different functions, describing it as the “Swiss Army Knife” of website themes.

According to the Business Insider Australia Collis Ta’eed said: “It does everything.  The WordPress themes tend to be the largest component of the business.”

The versatility of WordPress as a means of not only earning some extra cash, but also a full time living or even a small fortune, makes WordPress one of the most lucrative platforms on the internet.

While some people use WordPress to make money by running blogs with a commercial element there are also many opportunities for developers to get in on the action and make money through WordPress.

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