WordPress Support Launched By Pantheon

by John
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"pantheon-for-wordpress"WordPress users will now be able to use Pantheon for hosting services as a new potential alternative to existing hosting services.

Pantheon has previously been known for being a top choice for those using Drupal platforms but now the company is expanding to allow all WordPress designers and developers to be able to use their services and allow them to concentrate on developing content and templates without the worry of hosting.

According to Tech Crunch the new service will allow WordPress users the opportunity to access Git support and also full access to their code.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, Pantheon co-founder and CEO Zach Rosen explained that the company are able to offer a great hosting service by using a combination of cloud platforms and a large cache to make sure sites are always up to speed.

But what is most important to the company is that nobody ever needs to worry about the technical side of hosting because they have all of this covered leaving users more time to focus on the areas that they have specific expertise in.

Through Pantheon there are different environments available for users depending on what their needs are and you can choose from staging, development and deploy with the hosting and back end infrastructure being left to the experts.

Pantheon is far from a small company with some its clients including the United Nations and Intel, however the number of customers for the company is currently only around 2,600.  By making their services WordPress friendly they are however hoping to massively increase this number thanks to the popularity alone of WordPress around the globe.

It is estimated that WordPress powers around 20 percent of all the sites on the internet so being able to tap into this huge resource of companies can only be a positive move for the company and also for WordPress users who are increasingly being offered new and improved services by companies across the internet.

Zach Rosen told Tech Crunch: “WordPress is a mature product that is being embraced by website developers and marketers globally.

“With Pantheon’s Professional Website Platform, developers now have free access to professional-grade tools and services for the world’s most popular open-source CMS. We eliminate hosting to deliver far higher performance, better visibility and ‘enterprise level’ support.”

Although it is clear that the Pantheon team are aiming their services at professionals in the field there is also no reason why any small business would not take up their services simply for hosting purposes as an alternative to some of the big hosting providers for WordPress sites including Media Temple and WP Engine.

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