WordPress Sites Identified As Sources For Thousands Of Phishing Sites

by John
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"wordpress-phishing-scam-news"Netcraft statistics have shown that around 12,000 WordPress sites used as part of Phishing campaigns during February.

The data has revealed that websites running with WordPress were hijacked to stage Phishing campaigns with these campaigns specifically targeting Apple and PayPal users while WordPress installations were also found to be the source of many web based malware during February according to a report by cso online.

Netcraft were able to analyse their data to find that of all the Phishing scams during February more than seven percent of these were hosted by compromised domains run on WordPress.

Because of the size of WordPress and the number of people who use the site to host their own blogs and websites the seven percent of the scams actually translated into a massive 11 percent of all the unique IP addresses  which were involved in Phishing campaigns.

Data from Netcraft found that Apple and PayPal customers were being most targeted in the scams with 17 percent of all the scams finding their way to Apple clients and 25 percent of all the scams being directed at Paypal customers.

What makes WordPress so attractive to many users around the world is the same thing that makes it so popular with scammers looking to start Phishing campaigns.

WordPress is easy to use and install and is the content platform for more than 30 million different domains with no fees to pay for a basic package and the possibility of installing many plugins and installations.

While on the whole WordPress runs very well problems come because people who use the service need to take a proactive response to managing their pages and their sites but the vast majority of people do not do this when they use WordPress, with many being due to simply a lack of knowledge.

WordPress have now made security updates for peoples sites automatic to prevent people failing to keep up to date with the latest security changes but it has not always been like this and there are always problems even with the best systems.  So users are being asked to be aware of potential problems with their sites and security issues because even if you are an experienced coder or devel0pers it is still possible for security to be breached.

Industry experts have not been shocked by the results shown from the data collected from Netcraft because an enormous platform like WordPress is always going to be a target  – just make sure that you are vigilant of your own WordPress site and to be sure to report any problems or scams that may occur.

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