WordPress Running A Fifth Of The Worlds Top Websites

by John
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"wordpress-powers-top-sites-news"When WordPress first began people thought that it was solely the domain of the at home blogger looking to get their thoughts published on the internet, however the dominance of WordPress across the internet has grown and now it is responsible for powering 20 percent of the top 500,000 sites in the world.

A new study into the Alexa top 500,000 sites by HackerTarget.com found that of the five hundred thousand top site currently running, a massive fifth of these sites are being powered by WordPress.

The results of the survey come as no surprise to the industry who have long predicted that the amount of sites using WordPress on the internet is at between 20 and 25 percent.

HackerTarget.com is a company that scans the vulnerability of sites and looked at the makeup of the top 500 thousand sites.  Of these it was found that a total of 104,684 sites, which is equal to 20.9 percent, were running using WordPress with this information coming from the HTML source code of the pages which included reference to WordPress, wp-content, plugins and wp-themes.

This study was considered to be very comprehensive in its findings because it assessed not only WordPress versions but also WordPress themes, plugins and also the hosting for the sites to see exactly who was powering sites.

The research found that in first place for hosting was Unified Layer who boasted about 7,000 sites and this was followed by CloudFlare with just over 5,000 sites and in third place was GoDaddy with nearly 4,000 of the top Alexa sites.

With so many options, themes and ways to personalise you site without needing to be well versed in coding, WordPress has become the go to choice of many around the world.  From the small at home blogger to multi national businesses who are keen to run a cost effective and efficient site that has been proven to be reliable.

What did come as some surprise through the study was the fact that despite a number of recent high profile security attacks, many WordPress users are still failing to update their versions to keep their sites as safe as possible.

The research found that the most popular version of WordPress that was currently being used was WordPress 3.8 with more than 25,000 sites, this was then followed by WordPress 3.9 with nearly 20,000 sites and then WordPress 3.5 was in third place with 6,000 sites.

Many security updates on WordPress are automatic to try and protect users who may not be keen on changing the version that they are using but for the best level of security all users should update their versions of WordPress regularly to keep in line with the latest technology and security offerings.

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