WordPress Rolls Out New Features For Users

by John
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"wordpress-upgrade-4-news"Users of WordPress will be seeing a number of changes happening to their dashboard with new features being rolled out.

Anyone who is using a blog that is run through WordPress directly or that uses WordPress.org software will be seeing a number of changes happening to their dashboard thanks to a series of upgrades that have been launched by the company.

Perhaps one of the best changes that has been launched has to he the fixed toolbar for the Post Editor which means that now when you write a long post that you will still be able to see the tool bar above your work to save scrolling up and down.

Another new feature on the dashboard is the updated Media Library which will allow users to see media in a new grid format which WordPress believes will help users to be able to find and then upload the various different forms of media much faster and easier.  Any files that do not fit your requirements will then also be removed also in real time to make this feature more user friendly and less confusing to use.

Changes have also been made for those wanting to upload audio files and once you have taken out a space upgrade on your WordPress site then you will be able to add artist and album information to audio files to improve the overall experience of people visiting the site who want more information about the audio that they are listening to while using the site.

All of the upgrades and changes are part of the new WordPress 4.0 version that is being rolled out to anyone using WordPress over the coming weeks so look out for the changes and start making your WordPress site a more user friendly experience.

WordPress is known for providing users with some of the best features out there for free and everyone is recommended to make the most of the upgrades and to be sure to use WordPress in its latest form.  Updates not only help to create a better experience they are also put in place to increase security and to iron out bugs that may have existed in previous versions.

If you have not seen any changes as yet to your WordPress site then don’t worry as the changes will be making their way to you very soon.

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