WordPress Sees WP Engine Development Labs Help Customers Mirror Sites

by John
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"wp-engine-wordpress-news"WordPress are constantly updating and improving the services that they offer their clients as are many other companies and the latest comes from WP Engine and the Development Lab with an offer to mirror sites that receive a large amount of traffic.

Any site that gets a huge amount of traffic will not be sad about the fact for sure, however if there is a huge volume of traffic going to a site then this can actually lead to problems and now WordPress are here to help through their development lab services.

According to a report by Venture Beat the new service from WP Engine for WordPress will be called S3 Mirror and it will let any customers with a site to be able to then mirror their site onto the Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

This S3 service is a cloud based service that is run by Amazon and is available for a fee to WordPress users who are wanting to allow an increased volume of traffic to flow freely to their site and content.

Tomas Puig from WP Engine told Venture Beat: “It will literally clone out the entire site on S3 in a static format on a regular basis.”

He added: “Then say you end up with a million hits on your site, you can redirect to an S3 site and scale as much as you want to pay for.”

The benefit of such a solution is that is is not copying a site in the real time which means that it is not burning up a large amount of bandwidth which in turn leads to a more cost efficient service for sites.

As yet it is not known exactly how much this S3 service will cost customers of WordPress but this is the first in a number of different services that is coming directly from the WP Engine development lab.

The development lab will work on open source technologies and alpha prototypes. ┬áTomas Puig added: “We’re pulling in the absolute best brains in the company” and confirmed that the team at the development lab will be kept small on purpose “You don’t want to throw 100 engineers at a problem you want fast iteration on.”

WP Engine will be hoping that WordPress customers chose their services over other providers which include Automattic, the company behind WordPress itself.

Thanks to more than 20 percent of all of the sites on the internet being powered by WordPress the industry that surrounds it is enormous which benefits customers by meaning that there is constant development in the area to provide the best service possible – even if it does often come with a price tag for those who are willing to pay.

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