WordPress Buys Scroll Kit

by John
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"wordpress-scroll-kit-news"WordPress continue to expand their already very large company with the latest company to be bought by WordPress being the online visual editor for stories – Scroll Kit.

WordPress have bee very active in recent months with updates, changes and looking for funding to expand the business that already powers a huge percentage of the websites on the web considering the relatively small number of people who actually work for and run the company.

According to reports WordPress have bought up Scroll Kit for an undisclosed amount of money and the features of Scroll Kit will fit perfectly with the needs of the millions of WordPress users.

Scroll Kit have themselves been making the headlines themselves after one of the co-founders of the company produced a tutorial showing users how they can make their very own version of the Snow Piece by the New York Times.

The New York Times asked for the tutorial to be taken down but this was not before the was seen by many people across the web and showed that it was less difficult than you might think to be able to make something like the Snow Piece which has won a Pulitzer and a Webby and has been called the “future of online journalism”.

News about the change in fortune for Scroll Kit was published on their own website with the notice that “unfortunately, Scroll Kit as you know it will be shut down” and lets people know that they will now be joining the WordPress team although exactly what they will be doing and who will be joining them has not been disclosed yet by either Scroll Kit or WordPress.

Users have been told that Scroll Kit will shut down in the next three months but that people who have been using the services need not worry because they will be able to export all their work to WordPress within the next six months.

Anyone who fails to move over to WordPress will see their existing scrolls becoming read only.  It is not known just how many people are currently using Scroll Kit and how many will be moving over to WordPress but it is unlikely that WordPress have bought the company to gain more users and are instead primarily focused on using the technology already in use on  the website to pass on to their WordPress users either in a free or premium form.

Scroll Kit was first created in 2010 by Kate Ray and Cody Brown and has had a long intertwined history with WordPress as is revealed on their website: “In a sense, this change feels like we’re coming full circle.  For both of us WordPress was our entrance into the web.  Kate wrote her first HTML and CSS to modify a theme.  Cody used WordPress to launch NYU Local.  We’ve watched in admiration as WordPress has grown steadily over time.  The team is only 250 people and yet it powers 21 percent of the Web.  It’s a huge percentage but when you talk to Matt and the team, it’s clear that they are just getting started.”

So here’s to new starts all round for WordPress and Scroll Kit – and what is expected to have been a great pay day too for the founders.

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