WordPress 4.0 Beta 4 Available

by John
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"wordpress-version-4-testing-news"WordPress have announced that the fourth Beta version of WordPress 4.0 is now finally available for users.

In a blog post WordPress state that in the past month the developers have managed to make more than 250 changes to WordPress 4.0 to improve the performance of the version for everyone and to iron out any problems that they have found with this version of the software for WordPress.

Some of the improvements that have been made to the WordPress 4.0 version include tweaks to plugin details and customiser panels as well as improvements to the editor scrolling and a better handling of the small screens in the media library.

However, while for most of us WordPress will run  perfectly well the developers are still keen to make sure that there are no more bugs in the system and are asking for people to come forward to help in identifying and squashing bugs over the next month as the software is used.

Anyone using WordPress who thinks that they may have found a bug is being asked to post this to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums where the bug will then be looked into be moderators.

WordPress are also calling on Plugin Developers to make sure that they have tested their plugins with the new version of WordPress to make sure that there are no problems here either and to ensure that they are fully compatible.

While on the whole the new version of WordPress 4.0 is basically ready to go the  developers behind WordPress are stressing that the software is still in development and it is not being recommended that it is run on a production site as yet although it is possible to see how the changes are going to look by setting up a simple test site to see how it is running.

Updating software and features has helped to keep WordPress on top of their game and allows users to have the best possible experience through their website.  Some users may be adverse to changing the way their WordPress site is run but it is well worth going with the updates as not only does it improve the user experience it also usually offers a number of security updates that are put in place to protect sites and content.

The new WordPress 4.0 version is still in its early stages but thanks to the testing of the developers and reports from users lets hope that this is the final version of the new software that everyone will be able to benefit from in the long run.

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