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Why It’s Important to Have Targeted Blog Traffic

by John
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"targeted traffic"The success of your blog depends on several factors, including the number of daily visitors. Traffic is the lifeblood of Internet marketing. A blog without visitors won’t generate income. However, not all traffic is the same. Some people will find your site by accident, and leave it within seconds. Others will land on your blog based on their search queries. This is called targeted traffic. As a blogger, you shouldn’t worry about getting thousands of readers a day, but focus on driving laser targeted traffic to your posts.

Why Laser Targeted Visitors Are Important

High traffic stats may look nice on paper, but have little or no value in terms of revenue. If you want to build your reputation online or make money with your blog, you need highly targeted traffic. The people who find your blog online should be ready and willing to make a purchase or download your products.

For example, people can type “marketing” in their favorite browser. Some want to learn more about marketing, while others are searching for local services. If you’re offering marketing services in Miami, you want to attract readers who live in your city and want to buy your services. It doesn’t make sense to promote your business to those living in New York or Detroit, even if they’re interested in marketing services. If you have a local business, advertise your service to the target market.

How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

There are many ways to get targeted traffic to your site or blog. Start by optimizing your content for the search engines. Look for relevant keywords that your potential clients might use. If your blog promotes a local business, use keywords that include your city name such as “Miami marketing services, “marketing services in Miami,” or “cheap marketing Miami.”

Another way to drive targeted traffic to your blog is use social media. Create a Facebook fan page, share quality content, and interact with your prospects. Consider buying advertising space on this online platform. Your ads should be targeted to the kind of customers you’re looking for. Don’t forget to use YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites where your potential clients are spending their time. For greater exposure, submit your blog to directories, connect with local bloggers, and send out press releases. Attend local events and give away business cards featuring your blog address and other contact details.

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