"Spy On Your Competition"

Two Amazing Tools to Spy on Your Competition

by John
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Did you know that spying on your competition is the absolute fastest way to start getting great results online while saving you a ton of time and money in the process?!

That’s right, it’s always a great idea to pay attention to what others are doing, whether it’s watching their email marketing campaigns, how they sell their offers, ranking their sites for highly targeted keywords or whatever it is they are doing.

We can always see what’s working from watching other successful people and then we can use the same strategies in our own businesses as well. It’s basically a free education that you should be taking advantage of at all times.

"Spy On Your Competition"

Well there are a couple of awesome tools I want to bring to your attention that can cut your time it takes to go from making $0 to pulling in some nice profits online if you know how to use them!

Benefit from your competitors strengths and exploit their weaknesses with Spyfu!

Spyfu is an amazing tool that can be used in many ways to spy on what others are doing all around the internet.

One of the main things you can do is be able to quickly look at the competing sites in your niche and see how they are succeeding to rank for their keywords. You’ll actually be able to know more about their sites than they do in a matter of minutes! You can also see what their deficiencies are so you can swoop in and exploit them.


For example, it may quickly become apparent that a site is doing very well with SEO but has no adwords presence at all. Or they are good on Facebook but have no Twitter or Pinterest followings so you’ll easily be able to take advantage of these things for your own benefit!

"Social Domains"

Moreover, you’ll be able to study your competitions profitable techniques and make them your own!

Never be mislead by other marketers!

Truth is all niches are not the same and what might work for one, may not work for another. If you’re not sure where your content should be best marketed you’ll be able to easily see that as well. Screw buying a million products with other marketers telling you what you should do, when you can quickly see for yourself what everyone is REALLY doing!

Writing quality content becomes a breeze!

Another great way it can be used is determining what content to write to engage your visitors and score well with SEO. You’ll quickly be able to find high ranking pages, posts and articles to recreate and make your own quality high ranking content as well.

Get the highest converting ad copy for free!

Maybe you want to run some paid ads but don’t have much of a budget or time to test or simply just hate writing ad copy because lets face it, it sucks!

Well never fear because what you’ll be able to do is see the people or companies that run the most ads for specific keywords and more importantly who is testing their ads like crazy so you can just take their best performing ones!

For example, I believe Geico has been seen to split test 18 different ads at a time and we all know the marketing geniuses they are. The more testing you see the more you can count on the ad copy being used the most is the absolute most effective. So just grab it and go!


There is actually much more you can do but I’d be going on forever about Spyfu. Hopefully I’ve given you a good enough picture of how powerful Spyfu is and how you can benefit from spying on your competitors with it and how easy it is to have all this powerful information at your fingertips!

Now to spy on super affiliates with Keyword Spy!

I’ll try to keep this much briefer but the next one I want to quickly mention is Keywordspy.com. It’s similar to Spyfu in many ways but not quite as robust in my opinion. However, it does have its own strengths! Similarly it’s great for learning your competitors advertising strategies and learning keyword performance but it’s also great for spying on your affiliate competitors to discover the top ones and the top products!

Below is just a small example of a list you can generate to see which keywords are being targeted for a specific Clickbank product and by which affilates. You will easily be able to see which affiliates are selling the ever living daylights out of the most popular Clickbank products. If you are a product creator yourself you should see this as a golden opportunity to get some super affiliates on board to promote your products!


This report here will even show you the ad copy and the destination URL they are using which is extremely powerful! You can literally go into any niche and just emulate what the top affiliates are doing to bring in massive sales!

"KeywordSpy Ad Copy"

Keyword spy also has some nice graphical interfaces for getting your data so it is a very nicely designed and easy to use tool that will certainly allow you to cut some massive corners in finding out what works and building very profitable campaigns for yourself!

"KeywordSpy Graphical Interface"

Alright I’ll stop here but I hope all this has started to get your wheels turning! If you feel like either of these tools can be beneficial to your business than I encourage you to go check them out. I believe both Spyfu and KeywordSpy have free trial offers so you can try them out for free to begin kicking ass and taking names!

Talk soon,


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