"The Stupid Simple Money Method!"

The Stupid Simple Money Method!

by John
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If you’re still looking for a way to make money online so you can get paid while chillin in your robe and slippers then I got somethin for ya! Maybe you’re just like many others out there who just need to stop for a second and circle back to the basics to put a bit more effort into actually seeing it through and getting results.

I’m probably more guilty than you are!

"The Stupid Simple Money Method!"In the beginning of my IM journey, I tried so many things that I know could have started making money with much, much sooner if I just had a little more faith and stuck with it just a little longer! The sad part is that my behavior caused me to flounder around the Internet a hell of a lot longer than necessary which just gave me nothing but added stress, wasted time and more money spend on total crap!

OK so what is this stupid simple money method?

The beauty is this requires no existing traffic, no existing list, no existing product to get started! What it does require is just a bit of seed money to get you going. Oh no!!! Yes, sorry but you should just consider it an investment in your business that you can probably use as tax write offs at the end of the year but you can check with your CPA on that one…

And realistically it’s probably going to be cheaper than paying for a semesters worth of books at your local community college so it shouldn’t be a big deal.  The other things you will need are hosting, a domain, an autoresponder and a way to create a squeeze page but this is all basic stuff that you will absolutely need anyway if you want to succeed online.

Alright, so let’s tackle each problem one by one.

Problem #1You have no product to sell.

Solution – All good, you will just have to go out and find 3 pieces of quality PLR. Yes I said PLR!! This is where you may want to spend a bit of money if needed. You may not have to spend that much but don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for quality. The good thing about that too is that because it’s more money, less people will probably own it so it will be more unique on the Internet!

The last thing to remember is to make sure all the PLR is related. Traffic is always a great choice because everyone needs it! Oh, and if it comes with a sales page it will save you from having to create one from scratch which will save a lot of time. Here’s what you need:

  • The freebie – This will be given away for an optin on your squeeze page. This could be a free report or short guide on your niche.
  • The OTO – This will be a related product of higher quality you can sell $47 – $67 range – This should be an upgraded version with more info or much more details on the method. All the graphics and things should be nice so it looks like a quality product.
  • The second OTO – This will be even better quality, related product you can sell for up to around $97. This should be an even more upgraded version such as an extensive step-by-step video course or even adding some PLR rights to it as so the buyer can resell it. Adding Resale Rights etc. is a great way to upgrade a product in a pinch.

Problem #2No traffic or list to market to.

Solution – This is easy too! As you may know, there are already people that have huge lists and can easily send you traffic at a click of mouse! You just have to pay them to do it and that’s what’s called a Solo Ad just in case you’ve never heard of it before 🙂 This will not only send you traffic and potential buyers but you are also building your list to market to in the future!

Here’s how to set it up to make money.

What you’ll do is this. You’re going to setup your squeeze page and autoresponder so the subscriber will receive a thank you email with a link to download the free report. You will also want to set the autoresponder to be single optin and send the subscriber to the OTO page.

At the bottom of each OTO page have one of those “No Thank You” links that goes to the next OTO Downsell page which will be the same exact version of the product but for cheaper.

In addition you’ll be using Paypal or some other merchant account to make sales and you’ll want to set it up so that when someone does purchase, it sends them to the second OTO or if they cancel the transaction it will also send them to the OTO downsell product.

The sales funnel will look it does in the image below.

"Squeeze Page Redirects"

It may seem confusing but it is really very simple and it will be great practice to set one up because chances are you will need to know how to do this regardless. So you might as well get started and don’t let yourself be intimidated by it. Just throw on your favorite online radio station, grab yourself a beverage and get to work! 🙂 If there’s something technical you can’t do just ask your best friend Google.

The overall idea is that once this is complete, you have a functioning sales funnel that you can drive traffic to whenever you want and make sales in the process so any sales you make should easily offset the cost of the solo ad.

Not only that but you’re building your list so that you can market affiliate offers to and more for residual income! If you can load up a good autoresponder series you can then make money in your sleep!! Hope you see the potential there. 🙂

OK, so that’s it for now. Hopefully this all makes sense to you. I tried to give you the nuts and bolts without going into too much crazy detail since it’s a blog post. However, if you find you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me!

All the best,



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