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New Collection Of Themes Launched On WordPress

by John
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"wordpress themes news"A new collection of themes has been released on WordPress by CollectionWordPressthemes allowing more choice for bloggers and developers looking to stand out from the crowd.

Anyone starting up a website or blog using WordPress has access to a number of free themes within the content management system.  The choice of a theme is an important one because it is at this point that you can decide how best to show off the information on your site.

For many people the free themes are a great way to get started on WordPress and with many to choose from there is bound to be one that fits your needs but for those looking to upgrade the experience of their users or who want to use a theme that is not so common then specialist themes can be a great choice.

CollectionWordPressthemes have released their Best WordPress themes 2014 collection aimed at those using WordPress who are looking for something a little extra while also meeting all the legal and system requirements that many developers are looking for.

The CollectionWordPressthemes site offers WordPress users access to a library of different themes for their site with each being put into specific topics and categories to make it as user friendly as possible and in line with the WordPress feel of being an accessible site for everyone, whatever their level of website expertise.

The Best WordPress themes 2014 collection does exactly what it says in the title and showcases some of the best themes for the year while also offering users detailed advice, guidelines and information about the latest trends to keep developers ahead of the game.

The founder of CollectionWordPressthemes said: “In order to best serve customers, the collections of WordPress themes provide users not only with themes but also with useful features that will make their business easier. Besides, CollectionWordPressthemes also offers customers footer design inspiration, which will harmoniously blend with the website. In addition, high quality hosting services for WordPress are also selected to offer users many choices when it comes to hosting services.”

Vicky Do, the CEO of CollectionWordPressthemes added: “At CollectionWordPressthemes.com, we are proud to play a role in introducing new and trendy WordPress themes for customers. These themes are beautiful, clean, and powerful. In CollectionWordPressthemes.com, themes and other resources are always updated. New collections will be compiled and released every week to bring customers the freshest choices.”

The beauty of WordPress for many people is not only its simplicity but also the huge amount of choice available and this latest collection of themes will only help to broaden this choice and the popularity of the site for the future.

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