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by John
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"wordpress-high-traffic-solution"WordPress continues to be one of the most popular ways in the world to run a website and for the majority of people the service runs very smoothly, however for those who are attracting a large amount of traffic there can be issues but new features from the Microsoft Azure Websites is offering a solution to users.

It is possible to manage large amounts of traffic coming to a WordPress site but it does require a certain level of knowledge that many home bloggers are not comfortable with which is why the Azure Websites service looks to be so valuable.

Anyone who is using the Azure website can simply visit the App Gallery and look for the “Scalable WordPress” option.  This service allows users to easily install a service that allows for Azure Storage to take care of media assets and to also give access to a number of WordPress plug ins to help to optimise the performance of the site.

The high traffic service from Microsoft is primarily aimed at businesses but there is no reason why any WordPress user cannot install and use the services.

Microsoft is competing however with a number of other companies including Pantheon who are all looking to capture the very same market of WordPress users but the difference between the Azure service and the others is that it allows users to manage the service themselves and may appeal to those who want to keep a higher level of control over their site.

The updates to Azure go on and include the ability to securely connect to virtual machines through a VPN, some new content protection service and media indexing.

Thanks to the huge amount of plug ins and external services available for WordPress it is possible to customise every aspect of your website depending on your skill level, budget and goals.

The flexibility of WordPress has to be one of the main reasons nearly a quarter of all sites on the internet run with it and it looks like WordPress is here to stay and going from strength to strength.

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