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Increase Twitter Traffic to Your Blog in a Few Steps

by John
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"increase twitter traffic"Do you need more traffic to your blog? Are you posting fresh content on a regular basis? Then you should start using Twitter. The world’s most popular micro-blogging platform can drive massive traffic to your content. It’s also a great way to build your own community online, attract loyal readers, and gain exposure for your blog. Here are a few easy ways to get more traffic from Twitter:

Update Your Blog Regularly

To use Twitter effectively, you need to update your blog with unique content at least once a week. Check the latest trends in your niche, write about the things you love, and post industry related news. Your blog could also feature how-to videos, eye-catching pictures, infographics, and funny quotes. Use different types of content and share everything on Twitter.

Use Social Media Tools to Automate Tasks

Twitterfeed and other online tools will automatically publish links to your content on the major social networks. These apps will boost your productivity and help you save time. Instead of sharing your posts on each social network, you can automate the process. These tools are very useful for those who publish content a few times a day and don’t have time to share each post manually.

Be Active

Just sharing content on Twitter is not enough. If you want massive traffic, stay active and connect with others users who might be interested in your blog. Leave comments on their tweets, reply to their questions, and retweet their messages. They will do same for you. This is one of the best ways to increase Twitter traffic and boost your popularity online.

Write Short, Eye-Catching Tweets

Studies have found that tweets under 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate. The key to a successful Twitter marketing campaign is to post short tweets that draw attention and create controversy. So if you promote your latest blog posts, create eye-catching tweets that make other users curious. Don’t just copy and paste the title of your post or the first sentence.

Search for Users Who Have Previously Shared Similar Topics

Use your favorite search engine to find popular blog posts similar to those published on your blog. Check those posts to see who has shared them on Twitter and other social networks. Contact the most active users and ask them politely to retweet your posts. You could say something like: “Hello @User! You’ve previously shared “5 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic.” Maybe you’ll find this post useful: Your link.”

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