"How To Use The Warrior Forum To Drive FREE Traffic In 2014"

How To Use The Warrior Forum To Drive FREE Traffic In 2014

by John
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Many people starting out in IM know the WF a great place to search for answers, buy cheap products and find resources that they need for their business or whatever it is they are into at the moment. But somehow they fail to see how great it can be for driving traffic to their IM related businesses.

It’s kind of funny when you think about all the people there asking questions trying to learn how to drive free traffic to their sites and all the products they buy teaching forum marketing as a great way to drive traffic in other niches, because I feel like I rarely if ever see people teaching how to use the Warrior Forum in the exact same way for the IM niche.

"How To Use The Warrior Forum To Drive FREE Traffic In 2014"Fact is that the Warrior Forum gets indexed in Google at lightning speed because of the crazy amounts of content that gets added every single day. In fact, many people discover IM for the first time because of a Google search that lead them right to the Warrior Forum. If you play your cards right it could be your post, thread, article etc. popping up on someone’s computer screen and I’m sure you see the value in that!

So with that in mind, do you see what you can potentially cash in on by getting your name and backlinks to your sites spread around all over the Warrior Forum? It’s not just bringing people that are already in the Warrior Forum but it’s bringing in brand new targeted traffic straight to your blogs, products or whatever you want to promote that is allowed there.

However there are some very key things that need to be factored in before the traffic will start flowing and for it to be targeted which is equally important.

First, there are several ways you can create content to get the traffic started which are creating threads, replying to threads, WF blog posting and finally WF article posting so these are the things that the more of it you do the better results you’ll get as you probably can imagine.

Secondly, in order to bring traffic to your site you of course need to be able to add a link. Well if you’re not yet a veteran of the Warrior Forum it’s good for you to know that you can’t just make blatant, shameless promotions because that will likely rub everyone the wrong way and you’ll get nowhere. However, you can add links in your signature area that shows up in most sections of the WF and they always show up as whatever it’s currently set to, even in your old posts. So that’s where you’ll get your clicks from.

And that leads me to my next point which is in order to get people to want to click on your links you need to come across as someone that is trustworthy and helpful, not a complete newbie yourself. If you feel like you can’t answer questions, don’t forget you can always Google search for answers to peoples questions and it will still be helpful. You don’t need to already know the answer, sometimes it’s being less lazy or more resourceful than they are that will provide them with the help they will need. However, don’t go overboard trying to sound like an expert at first; you can get the same result by saying you found a solution on a certain web site that has the answer or anything to try and not offend the people that really are the experts. It’s easy to tell when people are faking it so remember you don’t want to make enemies!

Next, in order to make your traffic targeted, it all comes down to keywords. Yes many of us hate thinking about keywords because it’s tedious and annoying but just a bit of thought put into it can certainly make a difference. So when finding threads to reply to it will help to do searches for threads that have keywords that are relevant to your promotions and find ways to contribute to those. For the other stuff that you get to create the title for, like threads, blog posts or articles and even WSOs it’s very important take a few minutes to think about the relevant keywords for those as well. That’s what can possibly help you, your links and your products show up in Google searches day after day for FREE autopilot targeted traffic.

Last, I just want to briefly mention the WF profile social icons. You have the ability to link to your social pages such as FB and Twitter or Youtube etc. underneath your profile image so I encourage you to setup some social pages of your choice and link up to them. That way you can start bringing in social traffic and networking with others via social media. It’s a great opportunity so take advantage!

The Warrior Forum is by far the best forum for the IM niche as of today so be sure to use it to your advantage to help your business!

If you have any other tips, tricks or comments about this please share we will all appreciate hearing what you have to say!

All the best,


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