How To Get Your Free Traffic Converting From Traffic Exchange Websites!

by John
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Have you heard of traffic exchange websites where you can get free traffic to your site with only a few simple steps? Sounds great right! The problem is everyone at a traffic exchange site is looking for the same thing…TRAFFIC! So most people fail to get the free traffic to convert at all, so they think it sucks and move on to the next thing.

If you ask me, the key to making these free traffic sources work for you is realizing what they are really all about – a bunch of people with all different kinds of sites wanting to get more visitors for free or very cheaply. Not all of them are in the IM niche but they still want the same information.

So, if you consider that, there are two things that stand out that can and should be offered to these people in order to turn all of that free traffic into LASER TARGETED free traffic.

And the two things you should offer are…

"traffic exchange websites"Dun, dun, dun…offers that show how to get more free traffic or how to make traffic exchange traffic convert because everyone there has the same exact problem or desire!

But that’s just part of it. If you’ve never been to a traffic exchange site before then theres some additional things you need to know. First, like I mentioned, a traffic exchange consists of a bunch of people all submitting their sites in hopes of getting traffic. The way the traffic gets to your site or “exchanged” is that everyone that submits a site has to in exchange view other peoples submitted sites or pages.

You have to typically spend about 15-30 seconds viewing another site in order to earn a full credit which will get you the same thing in return. So it’s basically a bunch of people saying “hey I’ll check out your site if you check out mine” and the person on the other end really is likely not too interested in what your site is about just like you probably won’t care about theres…

You might think that would suck!

To just be sitting there looking at other peoples crap all day hoping to get a few conversions…and yes you are right that would totally suck, so I don’t recommend you spend much time doing that. Basically just enough time to test your site is all you need because you can also buy credits that will get your sites rotated in without you having to look at someone elses.

If you have a budget for testing or already have a good converting page having to do with either of the two things I mentioned earlier (traffic or TE conversions) then I highly suggest paying for credits to save your time. They are pretty cheap anyways so it’s usually worth it unless your site is no good then it might not work out like you hoped.

"how to get free traffic"But there’s more you need to know!

Now I need to give you what you need to know to get your pages on track for getting some optins.

First, like I mentioned everyone is only going to be looking at your site or page for about 15 to 30 seconds so you need to make sure your page can be absorbed in that amount of time.

It needs to be straight to the point with a punchy headline like “Tired of wasting your time on traffic exchange sites all day with no optins or sales?”

“Signup now to for this free report so you can begin turning your time into profits and leave the frustration to everyone else!”

Maybe not the best but it’s tweakable and hopefully it gives you the idea. That headline should appeal to EVERY single person there because they are all there for the same exact thing! And they will be able to read that in a matter of seconds and will all be interested. I’m not saying they will all optin but I am saying it will give you the best chances!

Another important thing to remember…

Make sure your whole page is above the fold so nobody has to scroll down because most people won’t bother. And then keep your message very simple and easy to understand quickly.

The other things you will obviously need are an email autoresponder account so you can accept optins and a report or guide to give away. Anything having to do with free traffic or traffic exchanges should be golden.

Other kinds of traffic getting methods (paid or free) or email list monetization/marketing could potentially be winners as well, so really anything that everyone at a traffic exchange might be interested in could be golden as well!

If you can come up with your own that is great, the other option is to find some kind of PLR. I always encourage coming up with your own stuff if you can or at least find some GOOD PLR and rewording it a bit so it becomes at least a little bit more unique.

And now you’re on your way!

Seriously, you can take what you now know and begin getting subscribers and potentially sales from traffic exchanges.

However, for making sales I advise you do it on the back end through your autoresponder emails and not to bombard your subscribers with offers right away. Try to give more good content throughout several emails and do more of a soft sell type approach or recommendation to your product or affiliate products. And make sure they are related products or it won’t make sense to your subscribers.

Remember they can be into all different niches!

There is one site I do recommend by a TE expert, that you can get a lot of awesome TE news and a list of the very best ones to go to.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot to mention is that you don’t want to go to just any TE site because some don’t rotate sites well or have a good response rate i.e. lots of members to view your page.

If you’re going to get into traffic exchanges, I highly recommend checking out this site. where you can get a free report and pretty much all the info you need.

I’m not affiliated, it’s an honest resource to use that I’m recommending to help you.

Make sure you know the rules of the traffic exchange site.

It’s important so you understand what you can and can’t do so you don’t get reported and banned. Things like frame breaking sites are not allowed so don’t try to cheat the system or anything because it probably won’t get you anywhere but searching for other traffic exchanges and wasted time…

But beyond that it can be a great source of target traffic if you know how to utilize it and hopefully now you have a good idea. You just need to get out there and get it done! I encourage you to give it a try if you’re still struggling to get some traffic and conversions very easily and FREE or very cheap!

So with all that being said I hope that helps you and I appreciate you reading.

Feel free to throw me some questions, comments or share your stories as well!

Here’s to traffic that converts!



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