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How to Create Quality Niche Websites

by John
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"create a niche website"What’s the secret to building a successful niche site that actually makes money? Making money with niche websites is a popular practice. Thousands of Internet marketers have built micro sites that generate steady profit. After the latest Google updates, making money with niche sites has become more difficult. The only way to become successful is to set up a high quality site with unique content. Whether you write about business, health, insurance, or fashion, focus on quality.

Find Niche Ideas

Do some brainstorming and write down as many niche site ideas as you can. Think of your interests and hobbies. Go online, check out your favorite websites, and read blog posts. Let’s say you love fitness and bodybuilding. These two niches have small sub-niches such as exercise plans for new moms, bodybuilding supplements, cardio workouts, and sports nutrition. Each of these sub-niches can be divided into smaller niches. The key is to find one that you’re familiar with and doesn’t have a lot of competition.

Start with Keyword Research

The first step towards building a successful niche site is keyword research. Look for keywords with low competition and high search volume. Use free keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner, or opt for paid software. Search for long tail keywords and LSI keywords too. Choose five to 10 of the best key terms and then start building your website.

Choose a Theme

Once you find a profitable niche and relevant keywords, choose a theme for your site. If you’re on a tight budget, use a free template. Keep in mind that paid themes are optimized for the search engines and allow more flexibility. You may also start with a free theme and upgrade to a premium one later.

Pick a Domain Name and Hosting

Select a domain name that is related to your niche. If possible, include your main keyword in the domain name. Search for a reliable web host that allows unlimited domains and sub-domains. This is the best option for those who want to build multiple niche sites.

Write Content

Most niche sites have 10 pages or less. You can create content yourself, or you can hire a copywriter. If you choose a niche that you’re knowledgeable about, you should be able to write content easily. Post different types of content, not only text. Publish interesting videos, pictures, infographics, in-depth tutorials, how-to articles and more. Don’t forget to optimize your pages for the search engines. If your niche site becomes successful, keep writing content.

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