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Get More Twitter Followers in a Few Easy Steps

by John
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"get more twitter followers"With millions of users, Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social networks on the Internet. From stay-at-home moms and teenagers to private corporations, everyone is using this online platform to connect and share information. Most people post news, photos, and inspirational quotes. Some are using Twitter for advertising and marketing, or as a link building tool.

It is estimated that more than 20.6 million U.S. adults log into their Twitter account at least once a month. Every day, this social network is home to over 177 million tweets. Just imagine the business potential of this platform! So, what’s the best way to gain exposure on Twitter and get more followers?

Post Fresh Content

Regardless of your niche, you need to constantly post fresh, interesting content on Twitter. This is the key to getting more followers. Since you only have 140 characters to express yourself, use them wisely. Think before you post, then speak your mind. Share interesting, thought-provoking, or funny tweets that draw people’s attention. Approach a variety of topics so you can reach a larger audience.

Connect with People

The more people talk about your brand on Twitter, the more followers you’ll get. That’s why you should connect with industry influencers, potential clients and business partners, bloggers, journalists and other users who might be interested in your business. Instead of following everyone on Twitter, focus on people who share your passion and values.

Avoid Being Overly-Promotional

Not everything you tweet needs to have a link to your site or blog. If you want more followers, share engaging updates. Follow the 80/20 rule: post informational content 80 percent of the time, and promotional content 20 percent of the time. Being overly-promotional will hurt your credibility and drive customers away.

Start a Conversation

Many people use Twitter for making friends and building relationships. Next time you share a tweet, make it sound like a conversation. Use the @ sign to mention other users in your post and engage with them. Start interesting conversations that provide value to the community and raise awareness. Talk about your industry as well as about local events, social issues, marketing strategies, and controversial subjects.

Share Other People’s Content

If you find a great tweet, share it with your followers. The user who first posted the tweet might do the same for you. Remember that social media is all about building connections and sharing information. Hit the retweet button every time you find something that’s worth paying attention to.

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