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Discover the Best WordPress Plugins for Writers and Bloggers

by John
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"wordpress plugins for writers"Did you know that you could become more productive and write better blog posts thanks to the latest WordPress plugins? There are hundreds of free and paid apps designed for writers and bloggers. Some help users organize their work more efficiently and save time, while others allow them to add multiple authors on their blogs. With a little research, you will find WordPress plugins that create internal links within your blog, remove unnecessary adverbs, and make your articles error free.

Make your blog worthy with these five WordPress plugins:

Published Articles Since Last Visit

Use this plugin to keep your readers engaged and boost your page views! This app shows visitors the latest articles posted on your blog since their last visit. You may also see how many people viewed the suggested posts, and set up a message to display to your returning visitors. This plugin works only if you use Google Analytics for tracking.

Editorial Calendar

Do you post content on your blog a few times a day or manage multiple blogs? The Editorial Calendar will make it easier for you to view and schedule your post dates. This plugin shows users when each post will be published, allowing them to manage their drafts easily, change post dates, and edit post titles and content with one click.


Finding the right photos for your posts takes a lot of time. You need to go online, search for creative commons licensed pictures, check their quality and size, and then see how they look on your blog. Complight is a popular WordPress plugin that helps bloggers quickly find the best creative commons licensed photos for their posts. This innovative app searches through thousands of pictures on Flickr, chooses the right one for your post, and then it automatically places the image on your blog.

Really Simple Series

This basic WordPress plugin allows writers to turn regular blog categories into post series. Once you add it on your blog, it will automatically link up all the posts in that category. This is a great way to increase traffic on your blog and engage readers.


InboundWriter is the only WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create content for increased reach and conversions. All you have to do is to install it on your blog and start writing. This app will automatically research your topic after you write the first 200 words. It will also recommend the best keywords for your posts based on how well those terms rank on the search engines.

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