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Discover the Best WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

by John
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"wordpress plugins for social sharing"Would you like to add a floating social sharing bar on your site or blog? What about a big, eye-catching button below your posts? The best WordPress plugins for social sharing include plenty of options that will make your blog more appealing and boost user engagement. Every time you publish a new post, readers will be able to share it on their favorite blogs and social networks. This will drive more traffic and links to your site.


This popular plugin will add a social sharing bar to the left or right of your posts, or below the title. The bar is fully customizable and has an appealing design. All you have to do is to upload the Sharebar plugin to your WordPress blog, choose your favorite social sharing buttons, and activate it.


More than one million websites are using this plugin to make social sharing easier. Webmasters can choose from seven types of bars and buttons, including the classic ShareThis button, vertical counts, floating bars, and oversized icons. ShareThis boasts over 120 social networks and blogs, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, Digg, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon.


Launched in 2004, AddThis supports over 300 social networks. Users have access to colorful buttons and smart widgets that keep readers engaged. AddThis offers both free and paid membership plans. The premium plan includes an all new analytics dashboard, custom recommendations, advanced social media sharing tools, and priority support.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg enables users to add a floating bar with share buttons on their blogs. The bar will display the most popular social networks with count, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Faceboo, TweetMeme, Del.icio.us, and Google Plus. The plugin allows left or right scrolling effects and offers great customization options. Users can choose where the social sharing bar will appear on their blog, how it will look like, and what buttons it’s going to display.

Floating Social Media Icons

This cool WordPress plugin does exactly what it says: it displays floating social media icons on your blog. It’s easy to set up and features 20 icon styles with customizable themes and sizes. You can choose icon size and order, make the icons appear automatically, enable or disable floating, show the social media icons in between content on posts and pages, and choose a different icon theme and size for each widget. Other key features include a user friendly interface, drag and drop reorder icons, automatic integration, and Pinterest support.

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