"8 Surefire Tips to Create a Money Making Blog"

8 Surefire Tips to Create a Money Making Blog

by John
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Many Internet marketers get started trying to make money online after they’ve been fed the idea that they can setup a quick WordPress site with a few posts, a fake picture and some affiliate links and they will be ranked by Google and making autopilot sales in no time! Unfortunately I was one of those people that believed it was possible in the beginning but I quickly learned that was not the case and definitely not a realistic perspective on how to make a sustainable living online.

However, you shouldn’t let it discourage you if you too were misled, because blogging can certainly be a great way to create multiple passive income streams for yourself with a very reasonable amount of effort. You just have to follow a successful model and have a bit of persistence and patience to realize it’s not going to happen overnight.

"8 Surefire Tips to Create a Money Making Blog"

So if you need them, here are 8 simple yet important things that you should follow in order to make sure your blog is on the path to bringing you in money all day, every day!

"Have Laser Focus On Your Niche"1. Have laser focus on your niche – It’s crucial that you pick a niche and stick within the boundaries of it so your audience knows what to expect and the search engines quickly figure out how to rank your site. There is no upside to having a blog that is all over the place, so make sure everything you talk about is somehow related. Only talk about other things that someone interested in your main topic will almost always be interested in as well. A perfect example would be having a blog that talks about fitness programs, food diets/healthy eating, and other weight loss programs because they are all closely related.

The same goes for any niche, including Internet Marketing or Make Money Online. Many people think that when they are starting out they should talk about anything and everything related to IM but if you can find more of a focus on a few IM sub-niches it usually not only benefits you as the blogger trying to figure out what to write and building your brand, but also your audience as well because they know where to go for specific information. This will help you position yourself as an expert in these specific areas.

"Be A Frequent And Constant Blogger"2. Be a frequent and constant blogger – this not only helps your blog rank better in the search engines but also sets the expectation of your readers and builds trust. Once your readers see that you have a vast knowledge of your niche then you will gain credibility and trust – they will know that when they return there will be more great information to consume and learn from. If you’re short on time, start out slow but commit to posting the same number a week and on the same day if possible. Even two posts a week will get you into the routine and will grow your blog faster than you think! Bottom line is, if you don’t take your blog seriously then why should they; so be sure to make it a priority.

"Respect Your Readers"3. Respect your readers – This can probably go without saying but it’s important that you don’t mislead your readers. Make sure you check your facts and not write a bunch of B.S. just to fill space. I’m sure you consider your time valuable so you should aim to not waste others time either. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be 100% accurate on everything you say because blog posts can be opinion too…but the point is you should never blatantly say something that’s completely wrong or make false claims. Just do your best to verify what you’re saying or clearly state that it’s just opinion. This will certainly build trust and credibility and serve you well in the long run.

"Interact With Your Readers"4. Interact with your readers – Whenever you can, look for opportunities to engage your readers. Make a call to action at the end of your post to make a comment, share the post, Like the post or whatever may be appropriate without being pushy. Post comments are a powerful way to engage readers, start conversations and build relationships, which can be considered the lifeblood of any successful blog.

"Have Multiple Outlets To Bring New And Returning Visitors"5. Have multiple outlets to bring new and returning visitors – these will include RSS feeds, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Facebook etc. You will have many different types of readers with many other different interests and internet habits. You may have one reader that hates Facebook but loves Twitter or Pinterest. Other readers may most enjoy your newsletter etc.,  so you should make sure you incorporate at least a few of the main social sites that you find the easiest to use to give your readers multiple ways of following you and also sharing with their own followers or friends. This can multiply your traffic quickly so be sure to add as much as you can as soon as possible.

"Offer Products Your Niche Needs"6. Offer products your niche needs – Here’s where you can start making money, assuming that’s what you’re hoping to do! You should be sure to find ways to offer products that your niche is interested in so it’s fitting as to why you’re promoting them. Of course you’ll need to find ways to promote them without looking like you’re just trying to make a quick buck so make sure you find good ways of recommending highly rated products or your own products etc., this way you can start building that passive income!

"Use Ads For Extra Income"7. Use ads for extra income – there are a few different ways you can utilize ad space on your blogs to potentially bring in some extra cash. One way is by selling ad space to people if you already have good traffic to your site. You can also place affiliate product banners in various places or sign up with an ad networks like Google AdSense where you can make money whenever someone clicks on your ad. It’s highly recommended that you don’t bombard your site with too many ads because this just annoys people and causes banner blindness, but you should also never waste perfectly good Internet real-estate so be sure to take advantage!

"Get Social When You Post"8. Get social when you post – be sure that when you have new content on your blog you routinely reach out to all of your existing social followers, subscribers etc. to keep them coming back and become returning visitors. It’s important that you not only bring new visitors to your blog but also bring each of your visitors back any way possible. To make it easy, you can even configure your blog and email auto-responder to automatically send out an email to your subscribers every time you post or at whatever increment you want depending on your blogging schedule. Make sure you have a routine and easy way to reach out to your followers in several different ways and you’ll certainly benefit big time from just a tiny bit of extra work!

Hopefully these 8 tips will serve you well and give you a clearer picture of what you need to get your blog going on the right path to residual income and what is actually involved. No B.S. here, it certainly takes a little bit of work but what doesn’t? Instead of floundering around the internet looking for the perfect easy solution, just commit to following these tips and blogging a couple times a week and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish!

Feel free to leave comments, questions or share with anyone who might find this information useful! 🙂

Time to get to work!

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