6 Quick Tips to Turn Solo Ad Traffic Into Profit!

by John
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Solo ads can be a great source of traffic in any niche if you know how to use them, but if you don’t they can quickly turn out to be a big waste of time and money! Those who know how to use them usually love them because all you’re basically doing is paying someone to mail to their list for you and you can get as many clicks as you want on demand!

The problem is that many times, inexperienced people don’t get the results they are hoping for so they give up on them altogether and move on to the next thing that promises to generate easy traffic.

Well the good news is you don’t have to be one of those people that continues to ignore an amazing traffic source that is right in front of your face and can be tapped into at will. You can learn how to harness it and turn solo ads into an amazing asset for you and your business!

"Quick Tips to Turn Solo Ad Traffic Into Profit!"Here are my 6 quick tips!

1. Have a Profit Strategy

Usually the whole point of getting a solo ad is to be able to profit from it right away or sometime in the near future right? Ideally you will have a way that you can potentially make some money back immediately to offset the cost of the solo ad. The best way to do this is to always use very closely related freebie and upsell offers that are in high demand.

For example, the freebie offer could be free guide about generating traffic with solo ads and the upsell offer could be low price video course about making money from solo ad traffic. It shouldn’t be two random offers that don’t go together because that will usually lead to poor results.

Furthermore, the more upsells and downsells you can present right away to make your funnel deeper or the more offers you have lined up to present them with later in your email follow-up sequence, the better your chances will be to rake in some cash!

2. Test Small and Scale Up

Unless you already have a Solo ad provider that you know and trust then the best thing you can do when starting out is test small. What I mean is don’t go out and buy a large amount of clicks right out of the gate because you don’t know how quality the traffic will be and if it will convert with your offer. So buy small, something like 100 clicks or whatever the minimum they offer is and if it works out well for you then buy a larger amount next time. The whole goal is to keep raising the click count when you’re seeing good results and it proves profitable for you.

3. Track it Yourself

Do not rely on the solo ad vendor to track the clicks for you especially if you’ve never used them before. You don’t need any high end tracking program to track them yourself, you can just use bit.ly or something similar that you can quickly get a tracking link and be able to see the amount of clicks yourself. Not only that but you can see where the traffic is coming from and get an idea if it’s actually quality or just garbage traffic that will never convert. Not all clicks are equal!

"Solo Ad Traffic Tips - Schedule Well"4. Schedule Well

Many people tend to make the mistake of going to the same vendors over and over without enough time in between once they’ve found a good one. The reason you don’t want to do this is because you’ll end up just getting the same people clicking on your links over and over.

The hope is that the vendor will constantly be getting new subscribers on their lists too so that you can also benefit and get the fresh subscribers. However, in order to do so you may need to space out your ads with the same vendor like a month or so apart once you get to this level of buying a lot of ads.

The best strategy is to find as many good sellers as you can so you can rotate between them and use a different one each week or so and continue to suck in fresh quality leads!

5. Make Them Work for the Click

This is a very important one in my opinion because it can seriously make all the difference on whether your clicks convert or not. The key is to be as specific as possible in your email message about what the offer is and what is required to get it. You’ll want to let them know that you are sending them to an optin page to get the offer, so once they get there it won’t be a surprise and they will be much less likely to leave the page and waste your click!

Absolutely do not use blind copy where you offer some big benefit like “How to make a million dollars overnight!” with no specifics. All that will happen is you’ll quickly burn through your clicks and get terrible conversions or low quality subscribers! The more detail you can give them before they click the more the traffic will be targeted and likely to produce results.

6. Keep Testing and Scale Up

The only way to know if you can squeeze more money out of your sales funnel is to keep testing. You should consider split testing headlines, squeeze pages, offers, upsells, you name it to try and find a way to improve results. Remember start small but always look to improve and then scale up once you find things that are working. This way you will be doing everything you can to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and getting the full value of your solo ad traffic.

So that’s it for no now! If you keep these six valuable tips in mind when going after your solo ad traffic then you’ll be putting yourself in a great position for success and positive results!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think or feel free to share any tips you may have as well.

All the best!


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