"Simple Ways to Get Product Reviews"

5 Simple Ways to Get Product Reviews With No Friends and No Reputation!

by John
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By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “paralysis by analysis” right? You know, when you think so damn much about something that it causes you to do absolutely nothing?!

Well one thing I notice that stops many people in their tracks when it comes to releasing their first products is not knowing how and where to easily get good testimonials from people to get the ball rolling.

Getting just a few positive reviews will not only help increase your sales but it will give you more confidence that your product will be a hit. So please don’t let this be an obstacle of yours any longer because there are some very simple ways you can take this troublesome task and make it very easy for yourself!

"Simple Ways to Get Product Reviews"And for now I’m going to be talking mostly from the IM niche perspective here, but similar techniques can be used in other niches as well. Also I am going to focus on how to get reviews in the Warrior Forum just because it’s such a great place to get started in the IM niche and everything you need is right there!

So here you go!

1. Find people who have already reviewed similar products.

"Find People Who Have Already Reviewed Similar Products"For example, if you’re looking to get reviews on your product about Facebook or your Amazon affiliate plugin then do some keyword searches for those keywords in the WSO section or within Warrior Plus etc. Anywhere where similar products are being released can be used. Just go through and find people that left good reviews and then send them a friendly private message explaining that you noticed their review and if they’d be interested in reviewing your product as well. Make sure you keep track of who you reached out to and who has responded to your messages.

2. Create a thread in the WF classifieds forum.

"Create A Thread In The WF Classifieds Forum"Many people don’t even realize the Warrior Forum has a classifieds section but if you go in there you’ll notice there are plenty of people also looking for reviews among other things. Just create a new thread to describe your product and what you’re looking for, then sit back and wait! This is actually the easiest way to do it since you’re just laying the bait and waiting for reviewers to come to you! And feel free to model your thread after others to take the guess work out of it.

3. Exchange reviews in the WF classifieds forum. 

"Exchange Reviews In The WF Classifieds Forum"If you don’t want to spend the 20 bucks to get your classified thread published then you can simply go to the other people soliciting reviews and reach out to them. I would look for people that aren’t releasing too similar of products as they may see you as competition. Also don’t reply to their thread but send them a PM if you can. This may be a bit more work since you have to now do a review but it’s a way to potentially get a free product and learn in the process. Note that when using this technique the more posts you have the better. Some people are picky about having people with very low post counts leave reviews because it can look suspect or not hold as much weight as a more established Warrior.

4. Find people asking about the problem that your product solves and offer to give them a free copy in exchange for a review.

"Find People Asking About The Problem That Your Product Solves And Offer To Give Them A Free Copy In Exchange For A Review"Similar to doing a search for people that have left WSO reviews, you can search or keep your eye out for threads that are related to your product. If you see people asking questions or talking about things your product covers, does or problems it solves, then you can message those people or leave a helpful comment in the thread and ask people to PM you if they may be interested in learning more about it and possibly reviewing your product that will be available soon. Be careful to not sound like you’re trying to get shameless promotion or anything like that to avoid rubbing anyone the wrong way.

5. Ask people that have thanked your posts in the past.

"Ask People That Have Thanked Your Posts In The Past"This is a quick way to reach out some people that likely will remember you assuming you’ve made some posts on the WF and received some thanks from other Warriors. The thought is that you have said something that helped them so they may be willing to help you out. All you have to do is go into your profile under stats and click on the link to view all posts where people thanked you, to go back and find these people. Just go through and look for some good candidates to message and politely explain what you’re doing and what you need.

And that’s all there is to it! Just devote a short amount of time using any or all of these techniques and you’ll have your reviews flying in before you know it! Not to mention building relationships that you can potentially serve you well in the future. You may even be able to use the same people to review future products so make sure you keep track of them to make your life easier in the future!

Lastly, feel free to share your techniques or let me know how these work out for ya!

So go get some reviews and start making sales! 🙂


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