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5 Reasons to Build Multiple Niche Websites

by John
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"build multiple niche sites"Building multiple niche websites is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make money online. This business model is very profitable and requires minimal set up costs. All you need is a domain name and hosting. Most niche sites have five to ten pages of pages, so you can write the content yourself. Since you’re only targeting one or two keywords, it should be easy to build links. The more websites you create, the higher your income. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here are five reasons to build multiple niche websites:

Low Start Up Costs

Niche sites can be built within hours. You only have to pay for a domain name and hosting. Once you choose a name for your site and buy a hosting plan, start adding content. Do keyword research and then write a few posts using your targeted keywords. Unlike authority sites that require in-depth SEO knowledge, most niche sites can be easily optimized.

Niche Sites Are Easy to Build

The best thing about this business model is that once you have your basic website template, you can duplicate it for every site you build. Micro niche sites typically have a home page, an about us page, a sales page, a contact page, and a privacy policy page.

Niche Sites Are Flexible

Webmasters can build product based sites and information based sites. The first ones provide reviews and information on products available for sale. You can promote your own eBook, market affiliate products, or create and sell apps. There are lots of different ways to monetize this kind of website.

Information based niche sites are a great choice too. These websites cover a narrow niche such as golf carts, pet stockings, zumba accessories and more. If you build this kind of website, you should write content that answers people’s questions and offers practical solutions. Information based niche sites generate income through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate offers.

Niche Sites Are Easy to Rank

This type of website is built around one or two keywords. It’s recommended to choose keywords with low competition and high search volume. This way you can easily rank high on search results and attract traffic. Authority websites require more planning and can take months and even years to achieve top rankings. Promoting a niche site is much easier.

Niche Sites Generate Passive Income

There are dozens of ways to monetize your niche site, from affiliate marketing to eBook publishing. You can sell advertising space, create your own digital products, or promote services online. Building multiple niche sites is a great way to earn passive income even if you’re a newbie.

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