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5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs

by John
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"wordpress plugins for business blogs"Business blogs are becoming increasingly more popular. Millions of companies are competing online. Some have successful blogs that attract thousands of potential clients every day. If you’re running a business blog, you can use the most popular WordPress plugins to improve user experience and build your own community. These useful apps can help you get more traffic, increase social sharing, and boost your productivity.

Check out these five must have WordPress plugins for business blogs:

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This sleek, easy to use plugin will keep your blog data safe by backing up your posts and pictures to Dropobox. After installing WordPress Backup to Dropbox, choose a day and time when you wish your backup to be performed. This plugin is a must have for any blog.


Jetpack is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins available today. This app has lots of great features for sharing your posts online, monitoring traffic, and adding slides on your blog. With this plugin, you can customize your blog design without modifying the theme, make social sharing easier, and check your content for typos. Jetpack boasts social media buttons, built-in stats, contact forms and much more.

Provide Support Live Chat

If you have a business blog, it’s essential to stay in touch with your clients and handle their inquiries. Provide Support Live Chat will enhance the functionality of your blog and improve customer experience. It basically adds a live chat button to a sidebar or a fixed position on a browser window. This allows you to answer customers’ questions in real time and entice them into buying your products. One of the best things about this plugin is that it’s completely free.

Ebyline Payments for WordPress

Most business owners outsource content writing. If you outsource work regularly or have a team of writers, consider using Ebyline Payments. This innovative plugin allows you to pay the contributors to your blog easily and safely. You can make credit card payments directly from your WordPress dashboard, check payment history, and keep track of W9 tax information. Payments are issued to contributors via PayPal.


The best way to promote your business blog is to share content online and stay active on social networks. Shareaholic will add an eye-catching social bookmarking menu to your posts, pages, and index. This top rated plugin makes social sharing easier. It features floating share buttons, social analytics software, share counters for Twitter and Facebook, and related content support for your targeted keywords.

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