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5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Business Page

by John
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"facebook fan page tips"Building a Facebook fan page is a great way to promote your brand and reach potential clients. Everyone is using Facebook nowadays, so your business should be there too. The average customer visits Facebook 40 times a month, has over 130 friends on his list, and “likes” approximately 80 pages and groups. For many companies, Facebook marketing is a vital aspect of their business.

A successful fan page requires time and dedication. Not only you have to post fresh, unique content, but also choose the right photos and engage your audience. Here are five key elements of a successful Facebook business page:

A Professional Cover Photo

Choose a cover photo that looks professionals and reflects your brand. If possible, use one featuring your company’s name and logo. The image can depict yoir team, your office, or your products.

An Eye-Catching Profile Picture

The profile picture will serve as your brand’s icon when posting or commenting on Facebook. Make sure you pick an image that says something about your business. It can be your company’s logo, motto, or a symbol that reflects your values. Use a smart and creative approach when choosing your cover and profile pictures.

A Relevant Description

Fill in your business page with relevant information about your brand and products. Write a keyword-rich description, add your contact details, and list your services. Your fan page builds your brand, so it’s important to offer fresh information that your customers can relate to. Reassure your fans that they’re in the right place and give them a reason to choose your products. Include quotes, testimonials, and success stories to boost your credibility. Add a call to action and a sign up form along with links to your website and blog.

Custom Tab Images

Tab images are a key element of your Facebook fan page. The best approach is to strive for design consistency. For example, if you’re selling diet pills, your tab images should depict your top selling products, before and after photos, and fit people.


A successful Facebook fan page should be constantly updated with fresh content. If you only post once a week, you’ll have a hard time building your fan page. Try to post something new at least once a day in the first few weeks. Stay tuned to your audience and answer their questions. Post polls and surveys to find out what they expect from you. Be consistent and share valuable information, funny quotes, and real life stories.

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