"wordpress plugins to track seo stats"

4 WordPress Plugins to Check SEO Stats

by John
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"wordpress plugins to track seo stats"WordPress stats plugins can make your life easier and help you optimize your blog for the search engines. These programs will track the number of visitors to your blog as well as their location, visit length, downloads and other relevant information. Based on the data received, you’ll be able to write better posts and make your content and pages more SEO-friendly.

Here are the best four WordPress plugins to check SEO stats:

Google Analytics by Yoast

The world’s most popular analytics tool is now available through Yoast. Adding Google Analytics to your blog is easier than ever. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin. Google Analytics by Yoast makes sure you’re using the latest tracking code and provides tons of data that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. With this free plugin, users can track the number of downloads and clicks on links in posts as well as the comments left by readers. More than 6,424,716 webmasters and bloggers have downloaded this app.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This plugin is similar to Google Analytics by Yoast. Once you install the plugin, it adds the latest tracking code on every page of your blog. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP offers detailed information on traffic, bounce rates, entry and exit pages, keywords, unique page views, and user activity on your site. You can choose to display visitors by country, select your favorite colors for charts and maps, and display traffic stats in pie charts.

WassUp Real Time Analytics

With over 634,421 downloads, WassUp Real Time Analytics is one of the best rated analytics tools for WordPress. This plugin tracks visitors in real time, showing everything they’re doing on your blog. It displays the number of visits, search queries, visitor types, current visitors online, top browsers, and time periods. WassUp will ignore comment spammers, detect script injection and users’ login attempts, and show charts and diagrams for monitoring user behavior. Thanks to this app, you can filter blog visitors by keywords used, time period, location, IP, referrer, pages viewed, search engine used and other criteria.

JetPack Site Stats

This popular WordPress plugin will track the outbound links to your blog, show top posts and pages, display search engine terms and referrers, and provide detailed graphics of page views by day, week, and month. It also monitors subscribers’ stats and identifies surges in traffic as they happen. JetPack Site Stats offers increased functionality and powerful features to help you get the most out of your SEO campaign.

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