"watermark your images in wordpress"

4 WordPress Plugins to Automatically Add Watermark to Images

by John
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"watermark your images in wordpress"Are you looking for the best way to protect your images from unauthorized usage? Then you should know that there are several plugins that automatically add watermark to your pictures. The only condition is to have WordPress installed on your blog. These apps are particularly useful for photography blogs, fashion blogs, and websites featuring original artwork.

Don’t let anyone steal your work! Check out these four WordPress plugins for adding watermark to images automatically:

Easy Watermark

This free WordPress plugin will add watermark to your pictures as they are uploaded to your media library. Watermark can be text, image, or both. Users can select text size, color, and rotation, translate watermark text, and even restore the original image. Easy Watermark is currently being used by over 46,321 bloggers, making it one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.

Image Watermark

With more than 72,634 users, Image Watermark is a must have for your blog. This plugin allows you to automatically watermark photos and graphics uploaded to your media library, and bulk watermark previously uploaded pictures. You can upload a custom watermark image, change its position, choose image format, and set watermark transparency. WordPress users can also disable right mouse click on images, translate watermark text, and select the drag&drop feature for protecting their pictures.

Watermark WP Image Protect

The Watermark WP Image Protect enables users to apply text watermarks to their pictures in a matter of seconds. There is no need to re-upload or edit your photos. Simply install the plugin, set the watermark text, color, font, and color, and specify where you want to apply watermarks on your blog. This is one of the few plugins that allows you to edit, add, or remove watermarks through your admin panel.

Watermark WP Image Protect is free, but it also offers a premium version for those who want features such as additional fonts, variable text watermarks, hotlink prevention, and watermark transparency.

Watermark My Image

This plugin will automatically place watermark text beneath your pictures, just like the 9GAG watermark. You can set the desired height, size, and background color of the watermark, customize the text, change font color, and modify text alignment. In order to use this plugin, it’s required to have the Free Type Library and GD extension for PHP installed on your computer. Watermark My Image is a great choice for those who want to protect the images posted on their blogs without displaying text over them.

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