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4 FREE Monster Time Saving Plugins for Better Results in Less Time!

by John
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Alright so we all know time is money right? Yes and many people just getting started online need all the time they can get because let’s face it, that’s one thing that no matter who you are you can’t make more of!

So that’s why it’s uber important to be able to cut corners where you can, work smart not hard…to make the most out of what you have so you can do what you need to do in your business and hopefully still have time for managing your family and personal life well, and hopefully leaving some time for having a bit fun too!

"WordPress Time Saving Plugins"Well thanks to some innovative WordPress plugin developers out there, these four highly rated free tools were created and I want to let you know about them in hopes they will save you some time with your sites too!

Here they are:

"Drop Shadow Boxes"1. Drop Shadow Boxes

OK, so when we are taking the time to write about things, review things or whatever it is we are doing that we feel is important enough to put online, there are often things we want to really stand out and catch the viewers eye right? Well I like this plugin a lot because it’s a very simple, fast and effective way of being able to make things in your pages and posts stand out in a cool unique looking way! Whenever you can spend the same amount of time and get much better results with anything, I instantly become a huge fan so this one certainly gets my vote!


"InfiniteWP Client"2. InfiniteWP Client

Talk about BAD-ASS!! I’m just going to simply list the features off of the plugin page itself and I’m sure the benefits will instantly smack you in the face! Here they go:

  • Self-hosted system: Resides on your own server and totally under your control – Always good right?
  • One-click updates for WordPress, plugins and themes across all your sites – What?!
  • Instant backup and restore your entire site or just the database – Really??
  • One-click access to all WP admin panels – Finally!!
  • Bulk Manage plugins & themes: Activate & Deactive multiple plugins & themes on multiple sites simultaneously – Yesss!!!
  • Bulk Install plugins & themes in multiple sites at once – Now that’s what I’m talking about!!
  • and more.. enjoy 🙂

Is this really FREE?? Thankfully yes so take advantage! We all know how much it sucks managing all your sites individually when you start to have a lot of them to pay attention to on a regular basis, so join the club and take a load off!


"Faster Image Insert"3. Faster Image Insert

Anyone that’s spent any time working with WordPress and inserting images, as we all do if we want our blogs and sites to actually look interesting; knows how much it sucks to spend time inserting images one-by-one and then having to modify each and every ones settings the way we want them! When more often than not we like them all to be very similar in some way, shape or form. Well this is a nifty little plugin to help save time with that. Not only does it allow you to mass upload images from your computer but it allows you to mass edit attributes of them too such as the titles, alt-texts, captions, alignment and sizes. Enough said!


"Front-end Editor"4. Front-end Editor

Now this is an interesting one for sure. I could hardly believe it when I saw it because it just goes against everything I’ve gotten used to in the past years! Yes, that’s right; this plugin allows you to edit your post straight from the front-end web page! Now why didn’t I think of that?? I know you hate switching back and forth between windows and tabs as much as I do especially when you have a million tabs open in your browsers all the time like me. I always end up getting lost and clicking all over the place because of it. Well next time don’t worry about it when you see a small stupid mistake in your post, just fix it right where you see it!

Just to warn you though, I’ve heard of a few issues with it not working as expected with random themes, so there may be a chance it doesn’t work flawlessly for you depending on your site but I think it’s worth trying out for sure. I believe that’s the only reason it has a 4 star rating instead of 5…the people that it works for love it so that’s what matters!


That’s all for now and as usual if you have any timesaving plugins you want to share or any feedback feel free to comment!

Talk soon,


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