"4 Easy Ways to Syphon Twitter Traffic on Auto-Pilot"

4 Easy Ways to Syphon Twitter Traffic on Auto-Pilot

by John
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We cannot deny the power that Twitter puts at our fingertips to instantly message your followers via the Internet for any reason we want. As Internet marketers we of course see it as a great way to promote things, build our brands, engage our audience etc. but do we think of it as a method to generate targeted traffic on auto-pilot, long after the initial tweets were sent?

Well it’s true that a well-constructed tweet can do just that and we should all be aware of this potential. The potential to keep bringing targeted traffic back to our sites over and over again. All we have to do is get in the habit of using a few specific and basic strategies.

"4 Easy Ways to Syphon Twitter Traffic on Auto-Pilot"

1. Pack tweets with relevant keywords – Just like anything else on the Internet the only way anything can ever be found is by the use and indexing of keywords, so it’s important you always stick to this rule. Even if you can only find a way to use one keyword, make sure you get it in there. Tweets are short so sometimes it can be challenging. However, many people and Twitter tools find people to follow on Twitter based on keywords found in tweets. So if you do a search in Twitter for any keywords you’ll get a list of tweets from various people that just used those keywords in their tweet. If you’re constantly using relevant keywords in your tweets then you will more easily be found and build your following automatically by non-followers that search for keywords, see your tweets and then begin to follow you.

2. Use the right hashtags – Using hashtags such as #AutoPilotTwitterTraffic in your tweets is another way to get them found. It’s a combo of using targeted keywords and phrases to get your tweets categorized. If others are using the same hashtags then your tweets will be grouped in the same category and can be found among them. Since Twitter lets people search for hashtags to find conversations it’s very important you use them in the right way.

First, don’t use too many…around three is a good amount and they can be placed anywhere in your tweet as a single keyword or a phrase like the example I gave. Just make sure it flows well if it’s in the middle of the tweet. Not only that but mix in variations of keywords like Golftips and tipsgolf to get your tweet in a less crowded conversation and more likely to be seen. Just make sure they are relevant and belong in the Tweet so it doesn’t look like a spam tweet.

It’s a good idea to do a search on a hashtags before you use them to see how crowded the conversation is and if there’s a less crowded, yet still relevant hashtag you can use instead. You can check out hashtags.org to see trending hashtags and do a search for highly used hashtags in your niche and then look for variations you can use as well to increase your visibility.

3. Ride trending hashtags – In Twitter you can see the trending hashtags and see if there’s a way you can seamlessly weave them into your tweets for more visibility. Just make sure you’re selective about it and don’t go overboard or you will be spamming which nobody wants and it will not help you! In fact they call that hashtag high-jacking and can get your account suspended or banned if you abuse it. However, you can certainly benefit from doing it the right way so keep it in mind and try to find strategic ways you can use it to get you more visibility and bring more traffic!

4. Tweet your content right – Make sure you tweet keyword filled descriptions of your best posts, videos etc. or do it at least once a week depending on how much you post. You will certainly want to mix in other tweets that are appropriate for your niche which could be informational, entertaining or whatever…but tweeting your posts can continue to bring you traffic and traffic that will build your brand and can be monetized. All you have to do is tweet your catchy blog post title and the beginning of the post which should be catchy and keyword filled so they start reading it and want to click through to read the rest. Simple as that!

Last, you should be sure weave in other relevant forms of tweets for your followers, such as quotes, questions, articles, videos, anything that your audience will benefit from or engage them. With the right amount of content and interaction you will have no problem fitting in those promotional tweets as well and getting them seen and clicked! Don’t forget to promote your products, relevant affiliate offers and even free offers to get your followers on your email list as well.

And that’s it in a nutshell! Follow these simple strategies and your results will be much improved over just doing random tweeting with no strategy behind it. When done right you can benefit from your tweets over and over again by continuing to give your followers what they want, get more followers and targeted traffic to your sites.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and any other strategies you may be using in your Twitter campaigns so feel free to leave comments!


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