3 Secrets To Creating Digital Products That Sell Like Hotcakes

by John
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3 Secrets to Sell Like Hotcakes

I remember like it was yesterday…

The first time I ever launched my own product, it felt like Christmas every morning.

I would fly out of bed excited to log in to my computer to check my latest stats.

Wondering how many sales I’d made while I was sleeping comfortably in my bed.

Would it be $200, $400, $600?

It’s an awesome feeling, I can’t even begin to describe.

And I’d love for you to wake up excited every day too.

So what I’m going to do now is reveal 3 secrets I used to sell thousands of digital products online.

Ready? Let’s go!

Lets Go

The first secret is this:

Make your products short and easy to consume.

You don’t want to sell a digital download, you want to sell a result.

The most powerful marketing tool you can have is a product that gets people results.

This is what generates raving fans… better than anything else.

The more people that your get to consume your products and get results, the more sales you’ll make overall.

And people will talk…

When people get results with your products, they’ll tell spread the word for you.

My first 100 customers brought me my next 100 customers and so on.

Nothing is better at building trust and goodwill with a person than a product that delivers results.

So eliminate the fluff and fillers and focus only what gets them results.

Pretty cool right?

The second secret to creating info products that sell is this:

desparate-needOnly create products that your market already desperately needs or wants.

Most marketers don’t know what product to create, because they’re asking the wrong questions.

You don’t create products that you want to create, and then go hunt for people to buy it…

…You find buyers and then, you create products they’re already buying, need or want to buy.

You can ONLY make money by selling something people already want or need.

This secret alone can make or break the success of your product.

Let’s move on…

The third secret is powerful, because it saves you time.

missing-pieceKnow if your product idea will make money before you put work into creating it.

This is super simple and I did this when I first started.

What you do is write the sales page first and replace the “buy button” with an opt-in box.

When they opt-in, they get sent to a page that says “sold out” or “offer closed” and they’ll get notified when the offer reopens.

If people opt-in and are excited, then go on and quickly make the product.

If not, just scrap it and move on.

Simple but powerful.


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Just remember:

  1. Create a product that fulfills what the people in your market want or need.
  2. You can ONLY make money by selling something people ALREADY want or need.
  3. You can either create it, buy rights to it or team up with someone and split profits 50/50.

Just go for it!





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