"3 Kick Ass FREE SEO Plugins "

3 Kick Ass FREE SEO Plugins to Help Send Your Blog to the Top

by John
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I think it’s safe to say that most people that create blogs do so with the hopes they can receive free and targeted traffic from the search engines to get their content seen and usually also hoping to create a residual income on autopilot!

Well in order to get your blogs to rank well in the search engines, it’s important to know the basic tools you need to help get them there. What good is your blog if it just gets ignored by all the search engines? It will certainly make it an uphill battle that’s for sure!

"3 Kick Ass FREE SEO Plugins"

To ensure your sites are never ignored I highly suggest that you use a good Search Engine Optimization plugin to basically take care of many of your biggest SEO needs for you. This will let all the major search engines know you’re there and what you have to say so they can send you targeted traffic while you sleep!

So without further ado, here are some plugins you should be using if you’re not already!

  1. All in one SEO pack

"All in one SEO pack"This is one of the most popular ones out there because it very simple and effective with not a lot of customization necessary. So if you have no idea what you’re doing it will pretty much take care of everything for you. It does have a pro pack upgrade for extra capabilities but free version works well enough for most sites. It has all the capabilities you’re looking for such as optimizing titles for search engines, automatically generating META tags, support for advanced canonical URLs, Google and Bing sitemap generation etc…all the stuff that you don’t want to spend time figuring out so you can stick to doing whatever you do best!


  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

"WordPress SEO by Yoast"WordPress SEO is another great SEO tool that can pretty much do it all for you and has some great add-ons as well if you want to really dig into things. In addition, it has the power to analyze your pages and posts and show you how well optimized they are and helps you focus on the right keywords in the right places. Not only that but it has a really cool snippet preview so you can see a rendering of what your post or page will look like in the search engine results. This is great because you can be sure that only the most click enticing info will show up in the results! In addition it helps with duplicate content on your sites which can hurt your rankings. Lastly, it’s a bit less resource intensive on the web servers than the all-in-one SEO pack so it makes it a very appealing choice for anyone having those resource issues.


  1. Google XML sitemaps

"Google XML sitemaps"This should pretty much be considered a must have on your site for your sites to be looked upon favorably by the search engines. An XML sitemap works in a very similar fashion to a site directory that helps a human navigate a site, only it’s designed to communicate directly to the search engines. It feeds them an accurate layout of the entire site, each pages relevance in relation to each other and keywords used on them, and also how often they are updated. The two plugins listed above have their own version of sitemaps but are not as robust and don’t cater to as many of the major search engines as this one. This one will not only talk to Google but also Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com so it really enhances your organic traffic potential! Many people opt to use one of the above plugins and disable the sitemap feature to use this one instead for best results. The choice is yours!


And that’s it for now! Just make sure you try them out to figure out which you like best and which gives you the best results. Once you figure that out you can simply add it to your arsenal of useful stuff to install on every one of your WordPress sites for the absolute best results!

Have any other SEO tools you like to use? Feel free to leave a comment and share!


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