WordPress Reveals Their Hall Of Shame And Promote Proper Use Of Takedown Notices

by John
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"wordpress-news-transparency-hall-of-shame"WordPress have always been at the forefront of promoting individual creativity and now the company is naming and shaming the worst offenders of improper takedown notices through their new Hall of Shame feature.

WordPress announced their Hall of Shame through a blog post and said: “We build WordPress.com with creators in mind, and fully support creators’ enforcement of legitimate intellectual property rights. Too often, though, we see copyright and trademark holders abuse their rights by issuing improper takedown notices.

“Notices that target criticism of an artist’s work, or the mere mention of an artist’s name, for example, serve to stifle creativity and freedom of expression that we try so hard to promote and protect on WordPress.com.”

It appears that WordPress are really starting to stand up for themselves and have even taken on some big names in their Hall of Shame which they say is too highlight just some of the daily requests that they get to remove content.

WordPress added: “We work hard to carefully review the infringement complaints we receive and push back against those that are improper. We’ve compiled a small list of examples of improper takedown demands that we’ve received, to illustrate threats to freedom of speech and expression that we review and resist every day.”

At the top of the Hall of Shame for WordPress came Janet Jackson, with WordPress claiming that while she is a “fine recording artist” she has employed some “overly aggressive lawyers bent on removing or controlling all references to her name on WordPress.com”.

Dorra Slimming also came under fire from WordPress for trying to take down a post by a WordPress user that criticised their products by trying to claim an infringement of copyright on a their protected logo but this too was rejected by WordPress with the company claiming that “Because the photograph supports her criticism, we rejected the claim on grounds of fair use.”

Finally WordPress has added the New York State Department of Economic Development to their list on the Hall of Shame after one blogger adapted the “I heart NY” logo for use to promote cycling in the city stating “we never expected them to go after someone using this logo to promote bicycling in their lovely state.”

It is undoubtedly important for some imporoper use of content to removed from wesites but the Hall of Shame show how many people are using the take down notices to simply try to edit and censor free and creative thought on the internet.

WordPress have become a very powerful company as the use of the site to host so many blogs and websites around the world grows and now they are using their influence to name and shame improper takedown notice offenders, demonstrating their commitment to free and creative posts across the internet.

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