WordPress Rated Top By Indian Developer

by John
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"wordpress-news-indian-developer"WordPress has been rated as the top CMS platform by a leading Indian website development firm showing that the popularity of the company extends across the globe.

Digit Bazar, one of the top development companies in India have named WordPress as their preferred choice of CMS platform thanks to its easy to use design and features.

It is estimated that around the world there are more than 15 million different sites being powered by WordPress and this number continues to grow as the platform proves itself to be an invaluable tool not only for small bloggers but also for multinational businesses looking for a simple to use, yet powerful tool for running a website.

The CEO of Digit Bazar said: “WordPress CMS Development is like a philosophers stone for us website developers. Its SDK is highly easy to use, offers a huge cache of Designs and themes, is highly flexible with plugins, is extremely user friendly and the best part is, it is tailor-made for successful Search Engine optimization. What more could we or our clients ask for?”

He added: “For a very long time, website owners had desired for a website which was very interactive and one that allowed a free flow of information between the website visitors and the website owners. WordPress is one such platform, the USP of which is its open source blogging and publishing feature. The WordPress CMS development uses PHP scripting and programming language it has MySQL relationship Database management system.”

The choice of the various themes and features available in WordPress have made it hugely popular with developers looking to create dynamic and unique sites for businesses while its popularity has meant that there are a huge number of qualified developers available to work on sites at a professional level.

The Digit Bazar CEO concluded by saying some of the top features of WordPress were down to the coding: “The coding is simple and clean and this makes the search engines crawlers to read and index the site easily without bouncing off it”

You do not need to hire a web developer to get the most out of a WordPress site because the platform has been designed to be user friendly whatever your level of expertise.  It is because of this universal appeal that WordPress continues to be the most successful CMS platform in the world

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