WordPress Introduces New Automatic Security Updates

by John
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"wordpress-pingback-update-news"WordPress have introduced a new automatic update for users to help boost the security of the sites and to sort out vulnerabilities,

The WordPress 3.8.2 update has rolled out to users an automatic update containing many security bug updates and five fixes for security.

The update for WordPress 3.8.2 is now being sent out to all users with the previous update to this WordPress 3.8 version last being sent out in January.

One of the most important updates to this has been the solution to the problem that could potentially allow unauthorised users to be able to publish content onto a site while the other important fix has been to solve the cookie forgery problem.

The cookie problem had meant that it was potentially possible for a person to gain access to a WordPress site by using forged cookie authentication codes.

The first two fixes will be welcomed by many who are concerned about the security of their site and there is no need to make any changes yourself as a user as these security updates are automatic to ensure that everyone using WordPress is fully covered by the new security measures.

Alongside the big two there are also three new capabilities that have been introduced by WordPress to tighten up security and to reduce the risk of potential attacks to sites.

WordPress has provided a fix to low impact SQL injections that may come from trusted sources and has also updated code hardening to help for those uploading files to WordPress.

What many people will be pleased to see though is that WordPress have provided help to reduce the number of ping back attacks.  WordPress had been in the news recently because of the very high number of ping backs that were coming from WordPress sites.  At the time the Sucuri security firm claimed that the distributed denial of service (DDoS) led to ping backs and was being abused by more than 160,000 attackers across WordPress sites.

According to an announcement by WordPress the new update will “pass along additional information when processing ping backs to help hosts identify potentially abusive requests.”

The new security features will be welcomed by many who use WordPress to power their sites but thee is more good news on the horizon as it is said that WordPress are to release a new 3.9 WordPress version in the coming weeks which will also offer users new image editing opportunities and live theme preview features.

Take advantage of all the new updates from WordPress to create the best and most secure site possible for yourself.

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