WordPress For Android To No Longer Support Gingerbread

by John
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"wordpress-news-gingerbread"WordPress have announced that the new version of the site on the Android will not be supporting Gingerbread and that the app will require at least a 4.0 version or later to be able to run.

According to an announcement by WordPress they will be focusing on the Android 4.0 version, known as Icecream Sandwich, and will not be working with Gingerbread.

In a statement from WordPress they said: “Way back in 2011 Google released Android 4.0  (“Ice Cream Sandwich”), a major update that substantially improved the platform both for developers and for end users. This left developers with a problem: how do they take advantage of all the new features without leaving users of older devices stranded?

“For most developers the answer has been to support both older and newer devices. This requires a lot  of work, but it’s worth it when it means many more people can use your software.

“The downside is this approach slows development, resulting in longer delays between releases. It also means developers sometimes don’t take advantage of the latest Android features, because doing so requires more time and testing to make sure the app continues to work on older devices.”

While developing the site using old and new versions of Android is time consuming WordPress have also found that the actual number of people using Gingerbread has fallen substantially making what was once a worthwhile endeavor seem more and more pointless and time consuming.

WordPress said that because of the decline in users man people are now effectively paying a “Gingerbread Tax” and this is something they want to abolish.

“We’ve been seeing the usage of our app decline on Gingerbread, to the point that it’s now less than 10%.  This means over 90% of our users are paying a “Gingerbread tax” – waiting longer for new versions and not seeing features that take advantage of their phones – so that we can continue supporting older devices.

“We’ve decided to abolish this tax. Starting with version 2.9 of WordPress for Android – due later this month – new versions will only support devices running Android 4.0 or later. If you’re using an older phone, the previous version of our app will still appear in Google Play and you’ll still be able to use it.”

While for some people this will be a major blow for the majority the discontinuation of developing for Gingerbread will mean that the WordPress service will be able to continue to move forward faster and provide a better user experience.

The WordPress statement concluded: “We’ll be honest: our developers – including myself – are happy about this because it’ll make us more productive. But the thing we’re the happiest about is that it will result in a faster, smaller, better app for the large majority of our users.”

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