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What Is Local Internet Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

by John
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"local internet marketing"Many local companies have a hard time promoting their services on the Web. They are competing against thousands of other businesses with a solid online presence and loyal customers. What’s the best way to reach a local audience and get your message across? Are you getting the most out of your advertising? Local Internet marketing can help your business grow and increase your profits. It’s one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your products to a local audience.

Get More Contacts, Leads, and Customers

Statistics show that over 43 percent of customers use local keywords to find businesses in their area. Approximately 86 percent of these searches convert to a visit to the physical location or a phone order. More than 61 percent of buyers research products online. About 72 percent of them trust online reviews. The average American spends over 38 hours per month online. Customers are searching for local businesses like yours on the Internet. If you don’t have a website or blog, you’re missing out on thousands of potential buyers.

Google is the first place where customers go to when searching for products and services online. If you want to make money and reach your target audience, it’s essential to build a solid online presence. From web directories to social networks and forums, there are thousands of places where you can promote your business.

How to Market Your Business Locally

Local Internet marketing requires time and money. As a business owner, you should first establish your goals and objectives. Identify your audience and find out where your prospects are spending their time online. Determine the cost of customer acquisition as well as the average lifetime customer value. Use these factors to set your marketing budget and plan your campaign. Start with basic strategies such as web directory submission, blogging, content distribution, online reviews, and social media marketing.

Depending on your budget, you can use search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, blogging, sponsored reviews and other online marketing methods. Make blogging a high priority. After all, it’s one of the best marketing tools out there. By publishing at least two posts a week, you’ll gain exposure for your brand and reach thousands of new customers.

Don’t forget to submit your business information to local directories. Bing Local, Google Plus Local, Yahoo, and Yelp are today’s version of the yellow pages. At the same time, set up your business profile on the major social networks and then share content. These are the basic steps required to promote your local business online.

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