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Top 5 Most Popular WordPress Alternatives

by John
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"wordpress alternatives"Are you ready to start a new blog? WordPress is not your only option. There are dozens of modern blogging platforms to choose from. Most webmasters love WordPress for its ease of use and versatility. Even those who are new to blogging can try this platform and have their blog ready within minutes. If you want to try something new, check out these popular WordPress alternatives:


Tumblr is being used by millions of bloggers worldwide. This microblogging platform is ideal for sharing short posts. It’s easy to use and boasts an appealing design, with beautiful templates for every taste. Unlike WordPress, it offers limited customized options and doesn’t allow widgets or plugins. If you already have a WordPress site or blog, you can use Tumble to share content for traffic and links.


In the past few years, WordPress has become a full-fledged CMS that can accommodate websites and blogs as well as videos, online stores, and web directories. Ghost was designed for people interested in just blogging. It has a stunning design and can be customized with ease. The downside is that most users have a hard time finding a shared hosting plan that can run this application.

Expression Engine

Featuring an intuitive back-end interface and beautiful themes, Expression Engine is a popular content delivery platform that makes blogging easier. It comes with add-ons and publishing features that allow users to create custom entry fields and sticky posts, set up multiple channels, resize images, and monitor comments. This blogging platform looks great and has plenty of features. However, it comes with a high price tag. Users can choose from three membership plans. There is also a free plan, but the features are limited compared to the paid version.


With thousands of add-ons and templates, Drupal is one of the most popular WordPress alternatives. This open source CMS is being used by the Economist, The White House and other sites with millions of visitors. Users have access to pre-configured themes and modules, advanced publishing tools, social networking tools, and powerful apps. Compared to WordPress, Drupal is more difficult to use and requires programming skills. If you’re new to blogging and Internet marketing, WordPress is a better choice.


Blogger has long been one of the most widely used publishing platforms. This free blogging service was developed by Google. Users can easily write and publish content, customize their blog’s appearance, and connect with their readers. Blogger is free and easy to use, but has limited features. Many marketers use both WordPress and Blogger to share content online.

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