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New Google WordPress Plugin Launched

by John
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Google have now launched a plugin for WordPress to allow users of the site better access to Google products and services.

With WordPress being one of the worlds most popular sites for creating blogs for both personal and business use it comes as no surprise to find that the site has many plugins available to makes the user experience as good as possible, no matte what the aim of you site is.

"google wordpress plugin news"

What was a surprise was that while many third party companies had provided WordPress plugins for users Google had never become part of the WordPress revolution – that is until now.

The new Google plugin for WordPress may still only be available in beta but Google are looking fro WordPress users to download the plugin and to them give them feedback about its services and how well it works so it may be possible to influence the new updated versions of the plugin in the future.

There are two services offered by the Google plugin for WordPress users that are of particular interest to many people and these are the links via the WordPress platform directly to both Google AdSense and to Google Webmaster Tools.

The service being offered with the plugin for AdSense allows users to be able to link their AdSense and their WordPress accounts together to make it a far easier process to place ads on your site and to potentially then be able to make more money through them.

When it comes to the Google Webmaster Tools then the Google plugin allows users to be able to verify their site with just a single click making it easier than ever to gain access to reports about your site on Google ad to be able to assess the success of your internet marketing campaigns through WordPress.

While it all sounds like great news for those with WordPress sites this new plugin is currently only available for self hosted WordPress installations.  It also must be remebered that the moment you can only use a limited number of plugins on your WordPress site and the Google plugin is not on the list yet but it would be very strange if it did not make it onto the list in the very near future as this is sure to be a hugely popular plugin that many WordPress users will be eager to download and start benefiting from as soon as is possible.

The new Google plugin doesn’t really offer anything new as such to WordPress users but it does make the entire process of using Google services while combining this with your WordPress account as easy as possible and means you can get all of your information from Google directly without having to leave WordPress which is sure to be very popular with many WordPress users looking to save time and keep track of their accounts as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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