New Flipbook Plugin For WordPress

by John
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"wordpress-news-flipbook-plugin"WordPress is known for providing easy solutions for bloggers and site managers, however it is often the range of unique and ingenious plugins that are available for the site that make it so appealing and the latest to be released in an HTML5 flipbook plugin.

Flipbooks have fast become the go to way to present documents in a visually appealing and easy to read format and the jQuery flipbook plugin is able to convert any type of document into an HTML5 flipbook which can then easily and simply be embedded into a WordPress site.

Publishing brochures and magazines used to be a very costly procedure but flipbooks have revolutionized this and now an increasing number of businesses are looking to use flipbooks and to then have them as part of their successful WordPress site.

There are many flipbook solutions that are available and this version of the flipbook offers the usual offline viewers, enhanced administration and full customization features but what makes it really appealing has to be that it is able to convert and publish a HTML5 flipbook as a WordPress plugin.

Now anyone wanting to display a brochure or a magazine on their WordPress site need only to install the plugin to then be able to engage it their users immediately and without having to convert files or spend unnecessary time dealing with putting the flipbook together and then making it WordPress ready.

To stand out from the crowd on WordPress it is often a good idea to use specialist plugins to make the most of your content and to display content in new and exciting ways.

Plugins on WordPress are available for almost any need and help bloggers and website owners to present themselves in a unique and engaging format.

To find out about the latest plugins, the most popular plugins and how plugins can help your website to increase traffic visit WordPress directly for further information.

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