Attn Fellow Marketers: No Skills, No Products, No List? No Problem!

“I'll Hand You The Sacred Formula For Creating Super Profitable WordPress Plugins That Will Fly Off The Digital Shelves and Stuff Your Wallet With Cash!"

...In 8 simple steps and without doing any of the work yourself!


From: John Zapata

Dear Fellow Marketer, Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching terrible software ideas make "gurus" hundreds of thousands of dollars?

What about those young "entrepreneurs" who are able to build multi-million dollar companies with software that is nearly impossible to use, serves almost no purpose and you can't figure out why they are driving around in the Mazeratti while you are still clunking around in your beat up Accord?

Just think about this for a minute... How many emails per WEEK do you get from the "gurus" trying to sell you a new piece of software? And why do you think that is?

I will tell you why...

    • Software products convert at much higher rates because people are TIRED of info products
    • People want to buy TOOLS that do the work for them; not information that makes them DO something to see results
    • Software can sell for higher prices and nobody bats an eye - try selling an ebook for $47 and you will get run out of the marketplace, but sell a piece of software for $47 and you will be praised for your generosity
    • Software is an endless niche market with thousands of possibilities and it is 100% licensable - No more market saturation

I could literally go on and on and on....

But I will spare you. The reality is that product creators who add software products into their production line see an almost INSTANT doubling in profits -and you can too!

Because I am going to let you in on a little secret...

People Making a Killing Launching Plugins Aren't Programmers!

Do you realize what this means for you?!
It means that you can replicate the EXACT success of those big time "guru" sized software launches even if you can't tell the difference between HTML and your Word processor!
Software creation isn't about knowing how to program... It's about BEING A BUSINESS PERSON and putting the pieces together so that you can maximize your income - it is the same process that you have been doing with your info products with just a few minor (but important) tweaks...
Wouldn’t you rather be well on your way to making great money online, making push button sales and laying off your jerk boss?!

It's Time to Make More Money With Less Work!

Picture This:

  • First you’ll spend just a little time looking around a few places I show you to get your next inspired awesome new plugin idea. (And no... not keyword research, forget all that crap!)
  • You’ll then quickly write up the requirements to describe what you want your plugin to do (don’t worry the requirements will practically write themselves!)
  • Now you’ll quickly go through a list of people desperately wanting to do the hard work for you and bidding on your project.
  • Once you're satisfied with the bids that have come in, you'll quickly be able to decide which highly qualified person you want to create it for pennies on the dollar!
  • All that's left is to do a little bit of testing (read: You will get to play with your new software) and once you sign off on the project you take it to the market where people are making sales like this:
Make Software Simple is the NO B.S. step-by-step actionable guide, plus 8 rock-solid videos that will give you a look over my shoulder and show you exactly how I do it so the learning curve is very minimal.

The best part is once you have the skill, you have it for life and your odds of succeeding just tripled!

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • The four places to go to quickly come up with great and profitable software product ideas! Discover Today! (you’ll be always be able to come up with great ideas and stay ahead of your competition!)
  • Where to go to get the best ideas and easily begin building your project descriptions. (if you know where to look your work will pretty much take care of itself!)
  • How to create and post good project descriptions to attract the best developers. (confusing, unclear or amateurish looking descriptions will only hurt your chances of finding a quality developer to work on your project.)
  • How to communicate your software ideas to the good people that will get it done! (if you can’t get your idea across then your project will likely not turn out the way you want and cause you AND your developer crazy amounts of frustration!)
  • How to find developers that won’t try to rip you off! (I’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to!)
  • You’ll find a developer who won’t steel other developers’ code and use it in your software. (getting exposed on this will not only be embarrassing but very bad for business!)
  • How to find amazing developers that will not only quickly understand your product vision but can make it better! (a great developer will be able to make great additions that you never even though possible!)
  • Understand how much you should be paying your developers (of course you don’t want to over pay, but underpaying will likely end up costing you more!)

Once You're Armed With This New Power...

  • Never have to create a product yourself (your developer is happily doing this for you!)
  • You’ll use software to easily build a list (create something cheap and simple to offer as a freebee or build a buyers list selling it!)
  • You’ll go from constantly trying to make affiliate sales to a known product vendor (all you need is one good one and affiliates will be all over it every product you release!)
  • You will avoid the stress, anxiety and expense of trying to figure this out yourself the first time around. (with the right guidance this will seem like a walk in the park. With out it it can be a nightmare waiting to happen!)
  • You’ll never have to struggle trying to write exhausting and mind numbing ebook products! (doing things you don’t enjoy usually leads to procrastination, poor quality work and very little results.)
  • You’ll never have buy and try to use expensive video recording software to sit in front of your computer recording courses all day! (trust me, recording, editing, producing and uploading videos can suck up all your time like you wouldn’t believe!)
  • You won’t need crazy amounts of proof and credibility to start making sales right away (just show that it does what you say and it will sell itself!)
  • You won’t have to spend a ton hiring expensive copy writers or spend a lot of time yourself on your sales page (again, just state what it does, the benefits and show how it works!)
  • You’ll be 100% comfortable outsourcing work so you can begin outsourcing all kinds of painstaking tasks in your business! (truth is, we all should be outsourcing so much more than we do but don’t because we are too stubborn or uncomfortable doing so. Not anymore!)
  • You’ll gain a new skill you can use over and over again and even begin coaching others to do the same! (you can explode your business in a very short amount of time and take it in whatever direction you want after that!)

See What Other Happy Marketers Are Saying

The Choice is Yours!

You can have it right NOW with ZERO risk and use this information to give your business the fuel it's been desparately missing!

Make ferocious strides towards leaving your job and making a full time income online. You will no longer have to be embarrassed about failed efforts of making money online.

Sounds like an obvious choice to me. Take action now and be on your way to success in no time!
Instant Content Master

If for any reason you need to contact me please email me here:

Here's to your rapid success,

John Zapata


P.S. “Make Software Simple” is waiting for you right now and you risk NOTHING.

P.P.S.  Get it now before your discount expires. Clock is ticking on this offer and your success.

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