The Lazy Mans Way To Build Your List Fast Without Fail

by John
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Don’t do what I did…

My time was limited, my money limited…odds stacked against me…

And I insisted on working myself to death trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

Trying to build a list and creating things I “thought” people would be excited about – only to find out nobody wanted it.

Wasting hours, days, weeks and months, yet I never got subscribers, I couldn’t make any sales and was left scratching my head wondering what I did wrong.

Then I’d start all over again…

It’s a vicious cycle, is it not?

vicious cycle

I felt defeated every single time and it made me question what I was doing with my life.

Years went by and I had nothing meaningful I could show anyone.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Then one day it finally clicked and I realized I was doing everything completely backwards.

All I had to do was change my approach and I could eliminate guesswork and get leads before I create a single thing.

And that’s what I want to share with you today. Are you Interested?

What do we have in common?

Well first off, if you’re here I’m willing to bet we have a few things in common. Things in common 2

For example, I bet we are both interested in generating leads for our business and gaining new customers. And we also tend hang out on Facebook for one reason or another.

How do I know this? Well it’s because I created an ad about generating leads on Facebook and I targeted people with certain interests about Internet Marketing.

So if you clicked the link and found yourself reading this, I can say with confidence that you too are interested in both of those things.

What can I do with this information?

Well I can use it to give you something that I think you’ll be interested in, such as info on how to generate leads using Facebook.

And because it seems like a natural fit I’d say that’s a good place to start.

However, it could have been any traffic source or any social media platform. We just happen to be talking about Facebook in this case.

So what have I done?

I’ve written a blog post to describe this process and create awareness that it’s possible to generate leads this way and then created a Facebook ad so people will see it.

And the goal is to hopefully give you information you can use right away while I’m making people aware of me and my business.

You can do the same.Whats next

How to get the lead.

So now you might be wondering how you can get leads with no offer?

It’s actually easy. Your job now is to think of what else your visitors may want next assuming they found the information useful.

So for me, I’m assuming that you’re pretty much starting from the beginning with building your list so it will help me to think about it from the perspective of anyone reading this and wanting to learn more.

So what do you need next?

Well what’s the biggest thing you may be missing? I could guess but I really don’t know for sure.

If I just create something based on a guess it could easily turn out to be a dud and next stepbe yet another waste of time.

So what I typically do is just make an educated guess of what’s a logical next step for someone wanting to learn and leave a call to action for people to subscribe if they want more info.

It’s not an exact science.

If I see that I’m getting leads and people are giving good feedback then I know that it’s worth creating it.

However if nobody ends up signing up then I know there’s something wrong with that offer and people don’t want it.

If that’s the case I’m obviously not going to waste my time with it. Or maybe I need to fix the hook or restructure the offer somehow, but that’s something I determine based on my results.

Regardless I’ll be getting signups while having people tell me exactly what they want which is very powerful.

Powerful thinking powerful results

This can also work in other markets too. You just have to figure out how to tie it together.

For example, in the diet niche you might think of how to use Facebook to find the perfect diet or something like that.

Or how to use Twitter to meet women – how to use use YouTube to take 10 strokes off your golf game…hopefully you get the idea.

Will these all work?

I don’t know but I do know you’d be targeting a very specific audience in passionate markets so I think there’s a pretty good chance.

You will at least have something to get them in the door and where you take them from there is up to you.

They tell you what they want and you start building.

buildBefore you know it you’ll have a profitable business bringing you leads and sales every day.

You just have to start somewhere. A simple blog post like this with quality info is a great place to begin building goodwill and testing your market.

I encourage you to test it out for yourself and see what happens.

So to summarize: 

  • Create FREE content like this that targets a specific audience
  • Send some traffic targeting successthe right people
  • Put out a logical next step call to action and see what interests people most
  • Keep building on what people tell you they want

Even if you don’t already know a lot about the subject people want to learn, you can easily take a bit of time to learn it and be able to know more than them and create a lead magnet or low-ticket offer.

The most important thing is you know what they want so you can find a way to give it to them.


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