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 Attn Angry Marketers: Still Trying to "Fake it Till You Make it" in the IM Niche but Getting Nowhere?

“Who Else Want's a Foolproof 'Boss Layoff Blueprint' For Breaking Into The IM Niche Fast, Even If You've Never Made A Single Cent Online?"

Follow this stupid simple blueprint used by the pros to crank out simple digital products that fly off the shelves, give you instant authority, autopilot profits and effortless list-building...FAST!


From: John Zapata

Dear pissed off marketer,

Are you sick yet of the endless loop of "buying and trying, buying and trying, buying and trying" each product that hits your inbox, hoping each one will big your big break?

Aren't you annoyed by all these "wannabe guru marketers" selling you these garbage products and then bragging about how much money they are making?...

Meanwhile you're strapped for cash, stressed out, fighting through real life problems...and not one of them seems to give a damn?

So what do you do? Probably buy another cheap "wham bam, thank you ma'am" product that again snatches your money, eats your time, then sends you right back to square with a "thank you, have a nice day!"

My Sincere Warning To You:

The more times you've been tossed through this cycle - the more stressed, embarrased, frustrated and hopeless you will feel...

And if you let it, it can totally consume you and effect your livelyhood, wellbeing, personal life and overall health.

Trust me. I'm sure this sounds a bit dramatic to anyone that hasn't quite reached that point. But unfortunately I speak from experience.

My journey to escape the shackles of my day job was not an easy one and sounded like a sad country song.

I was short on time. I was short on money. I was stressed. I drank too much. My blood pressure was high. I nearly lost my job. My then girlfriend nearly left me (but luckily just cheated on me instead which was kind of her) :  And my friends thought I was just a fool falling for scams and losing my mind.

No joke. Before I knew it I was deeper in debt, my relationship was ruined, I was on blood pressure and anxiety meds, not to mention on the brink of losing my job.

Looking back I can't believe I let things get that out of control just by repeatedly making the same bad decisions without even realizing I was doing could say I was a crazy person!

Luckily I Didn't Give UP!

Even though I felt it, and people thought it, I knew I wasn't crazy and there was a reason I was doing this that only I could see at the time.

So I continued my quest to make money online.

Only this time, I made a wise decision to reach out to someone who I knew was successful to get the inside scoop on exactly how everyone makes it look so easy.

I didn't care, I was willing to pay whatever it took to lift this gigantic burden off my shoulders and climb out of the enormous hole I dug myself into.

Needless to say, that was the best decision that I have ever made. 

I no longer had to think and worry about what to do. I just had to follow instructions and do as I was told.

I had a set plan of action of exactly what I needed to move forward to finally become a successful Internet Marketer.

A true blueprint that suddenly transformed me from the guy spinning my wheels and throwing money away on worthless products...

To the guy no creating, selling and profiting from products that actually help people!

But unfortunately I'd be willing to bet that most struggling Internet Marketers are trapped within this same brutal cycle and facing the same dangers I was whether they know it or not.

I Want to Help You Do The Same!


Here's How it Works:

In a nutshell, "Zero to Hero in 30 Days or Less" is a series of 30 valuable coaching steps that will hold you by the hand and walk you through each and every step to take you from zero to hero in Internet Marketing.

You will get 30 easy to follow steps all ranging from coming up with killer product ideas to outlining your new product and putting it up for sale - that you can follow along with at your own pace.

You can skip to the steps you need the most or you can start from the beginning and progress at a schedule that works for you. 

You'll get it all starting to finish, including setting up download pages to uploading your offer to Warrior Plus.

Launch day mechanics for maximum profits and attracting affiliates!

Plus, it also comes with a list of recommended resources that you will need to create the foundation of your Internet Marketing business which will allow you to successfully:

  • Create your first product online to sell
  • Finally go from product buyer to product seller
  • Create $100+ paydays on demand marketing to your list
  • Attract affiliates hungry to promote your offers

The great thing about these resources is that they are simple to get set up and running.

This being said, it doesn’t matter if you have some experience with Internet Marketing, or if you are a complete newbie, this will all be a breeze.

With these resources, you will be a step ahead of those who don’t have them, and you will be on the right path to having a sustainable and profitable Internet Marketing business.

Here's a Recap of What You'll Instantly Get:

  • 30 easy to follow coaching lessons that will take you from A - Z (zero to hero) Internet Marketer in the IM niche
  • You'll be shown exactly how to quickly create a profitable product to sell in the Warrior Forum, JVZoo or Clickbank
  • You'll no how to get highly targeted instant traffic to it that doesn't cost you a cent
  • Exactly how you'll position and setup your product to generate sales within the marketplace
  • All the resources you need to set up a legit and sustainable online business
  • How you'll instantly build your list with no extra effort using your products
  • Then how and what to promote to your list for easy affiliate income
  • Where and how to find affiliates ready and willing to promote for you anytime

Listen, the only thing that separates you from some who is successful online, is what they know!

 There is NO REASON You Can't Join The Club!

The door is wide open for you. All this is just a puzzle that needs to have all the pieces in the right places in order for it to work, and now, it is all before you at your own convenience. 

Today, I am offering you, everything that you need to finally start seeing the success online that you’ve been desperately chasing after.

And by now, I’m sure you’re just wondering what I will charge you for all this right?

To be upfront and honest with you, many other marketers would charge you THOUSANDS up front for everything that I am sharing with you today.

On top of that, some will even charge a monthly fee!

However, helping other people succeed as much as possible is one thing that I enjoy in life, and because of that, you will not have to pay that much to get access.

Instead, you can get full access for just a one time investment of:

Very Limited Time Discount! - Price will go up to $47.00 when timer expires!

Zero to Hero - 50% Discount
To put you at ease with this price and because I am absolutely certain that it will change your life, I will even throw in a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

At any time during the 30 days, if you feel that things are not working in your favor or if I did not deliver to you what I promised, I will promptly refund you all of your money.

If there is one fact that I know about opportunity is that it loves speed, which is why you should always let it in when it knocks, because it may never knock again.

Now is your chance. . . will you open the door?

To Your Successful Future,

John Zapata


P.S. Another thing that I enjoy very much is helping marketers, like yourself, make informed buying decisions.

I believe that both your time and money are very precious and should not be wasted, and I am sure that you believe that as well.

For that main purpose, do NOT think of this as a payment to me, but rather, as an investment in yourself and your business.

Because of the over-delivery in value, that is all it really is!

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