"finding content ideas for your blog"

How to Find Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog

by John
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"finding content ideas for your blog"Do you need fresh content for your site or blog? Have you run out of ideas? If so, you’re not alone. Most bloggers get stuck in a content routine sooner or later. Even those with years of experience are having this problem. Your blog needs unique articles to attract readers and keep them engaged. So, what can you do to keep things fresh? Where should you look for content ideas?

Share Personal Stories

The best way to connect with your readers and generate unique content is to share personal stories. Every day, you meet new people and go through new adventures. Why not share them with your fans? If you have a niche blog and don’t want to mix things up, create a special section for sharing your stories. Write about your everyday life, accomplishments, and failures as well as about the lessons you’ve learned. Consider the biggest mistakes in your life and the things you wish you knew before starting your career.

Use Blog Comments for Inspiration

Another good way to find content ideas is to check the comments posted on your blog. If you see one that offers a unique perspective, ask its author if he’d like to guest post and share his thoughts. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. You’ll get fresh content for your blog, while the author will gain exposure.

Ask Your Social Media Fans

Visit your favorite social networks and ask your fans what they want to read about on your blog. You can also create a poll or a Q&A session to gauge their interests. Write down their suggestions and use them for inspiration. When your article is ready, let your fans know about it.

Use Content Idea Generators

Did you know that there are several online tools for generating content ideas? These programs require users to enter relevant keywords or topics. Once this step is complete, they automatically generate headlines for your posts. Most bloggers are using Portent’s Content Idea Generator, Hubspot’s Topic Generator, and Soovle. The results aren’t always accurate, but you’ll find some good ones too.

Check Out the Latest Trending Topics

Visit Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite and other online platforms to check the latest trending topics in your niche. Enter your targeted keywords to find relevant topics. If you do a quick search online, you’ll find a number of websites that list the latest trends by Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Instagram in one place. These sites are free to use and can be a great source of inspiration.

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