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GoDaddy To Be Go To Vendor For WordPress Based Sites

by John
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Two of the biggest names in websites and hosting – GoDaddy and WordPress – have come together to offer simple hosting solutions to small businesses working with WordPress based sites.

GoDaddy is known for being a trusted hosting site for millions of sites around the world while WordPress continues to be one of the most popular sites for anyone wanting to set up on their own on the internet. Now GoDaddy is offering a really simple way to get WordPress sites running with them.

"godaddy wordpress news"

Businesses have previously been able to host their WordPress sites through GoDaddy but now the host has made it easier than ever for this process to take place in a bid by GoDaddy to encourage more WordPress based sites to move over to them. In the past WordPress sites hosted by GoDaddy had seen some problems with users reporting a slow service and one that was also at times unreliable.  Now GoDaddy have promised their WordPress users that their sites will run for 99.99 percent of the time – quite some claim and one that many people will be very interested into looking into further.

Other features that will make it easier than ever for WordPress and GoDaddy to come together for businesses is that you now do not need to update your WordPress sit to be able to be a customer of GoDaddy.  In the past you had to manually request an update of your WordPress site for it to be compatible but this is no longer needed and the glitch has been removed for users.

One thing that worries many people about switching their host of their site is whether there will be a denial of service as the switch takes place but GoDaddy have also announced that they have this covered too with protection against this if you sign up to their service and even special offers for businesses taking out contracts of a year or more for their services.

It is undeniable that GoDaddy has built up a strong user base on the internet and the company claims to have more than 12 million customers with the management of more than 55 million domains under their belt making them a strong service. Meanwhile, WordPress remains one of the premier blogging platforms on the internet.

The merge between the two services for consumes can only be seen as a positive one, making it easier for people to be able to use both services and without having to make adjustments or lose service level when making changes.

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