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Easy Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Impact on Facebook

by John
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"facebook for brands"Are you looking for ways to get more Facebook fans and keep them engaged? Would you like to see more likes and comments on your latest updates? The key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is to share interesting posts and connect with your fans on a personal level. When it comes to social media promotion, you’ll always reach the people who care most about your content. The more relevant your posts, the more users you’ll see them.

Here are some easy ways to increase your brand’s impact on Facebook:

Share Relevant Content

Internet marketing experts seem to agree that the 60/30/10 formula works best for social media promotion. This means that only 10 percent of your content should be promotional. Approximately 30 percent of your content should inspire and motivate people. The remaining 60 percent should simply entertain your fans. Even though there are no strict rules regarding content, it’s important to provide value without being overly-promotional.

Engage in Conversations

Facebook and other social media platforms enable businesses to reach new customers and have deeper conversations that lead to increased sales. Connecting with your prospects online is similar to meeting new clients in your everyday life. It’s all about building relationships. Monitor other users’ posts, leave meaningful comments, and reply to questions from your fans. You may also use social media engagement tools to find out who is talking about your brand and how your products are being perceived.

Build a Powerful Brand

Brand recognition is essential to the success of your Facebook marketing campaign. People who recognize your brand are more likely to trust your advice and buy your products. Your job as a marketer is to increase brand awareness so that customers can instantly recognize your logo and business name. Start by identifying your target demographic. Gather information about their hobbies, interests, educational background, and needs. Find out what their problems are and then come up with a solution.

Solve Problems with Photos

Sharing eye-catching pictures and graphics on Facebook is one of the best ways to boost your visibility and engage your fans. Let’s say you have a weight loss blog or an online store selling raw foods. Post interesting pictures on Facebook showcasing products that could help your fans shed pounds and stay fit. For example, you can share photos showcasing fresh fruit juices for detox, step-by-step instructions for preparing almond milk, or daily meal plans. This is a simple yet effective way to educate and inspire your fans.

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