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Content Mistakes that Drive Readers Away

by John
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"content mistakes"Running a blog is not easy. Not only you need to post content a few times a week, but also come up with unique ideas and surprise your readers. You only have 30 seconds to get people’s attention and make them read the whole post. Thus, it’s important to start with an attention-grabbing headline and a good opening paragraph. Your content should be fresh, interesting, and concise. If you start on the wrong foot, you’ll have a hard time connecting with your readers.

Here are five content mistakes that are costing you leads:

Lacking Focus

Choose a niche for your blog. If your content lacks focus, you’ll see a high bounce rate. Don’t try to write about everything. If you have more than one hobby, start a new blog. Use keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your niche. Stay on topic and write from a unique perspective.

Putting Up More Ads than Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. However, this doesn’t mean that you should fill your blog with ads. This will drive readers away and hurt your credibility. Provide quality content, post engaging pictures, and avoid being overly-promotional. Don’t overwhelm your readers with ads, affiliate links, and promotional offers. The advertisements posted on your blog should be tasteful, discreet, and relevant.

Underestimating the Power of Images

A blog that is packed with blocks of text and has only a few pictures will drive people away. Pictures can make the difference between a popular blog post and an average one. Each article should contain relevant photos, videos, infographics, charts, diagrams and other visuals. By posting lots of pictures, you’ll encourage social sharing and make your posts go viral.

Cluttered Design

Your blog as well as your posts and web pages should be well organized and have a clean design. Divide your posts into small paragraphs, use sub-headings, and highlight important information. Include numbered lists and bullet points. Use different formats and organize your posts into categories.

Making Sharing Difficult

Social media marketing is crucial to your success as a blogger. If your posts are difficult to share, you’ll lose potential readers. Make sure you add social sharing buttons on your blog. Use WordPress plugins that automatically post your content on the major social networks. Add links to your Twitter account and Facebook fan pages. At the end of each post, encourage your readers to share the news and tell their friends about your blog.

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