"best wordpress plugins for user engagement"

Best WordPress Plugins to Increase User Engagement

by John
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"best wordpress plugins for user engagement"Posting great content on your site or blog is not enough for a successful online marketing campaign. If no one knows about your content, it may as well not exist. Many new blogs and websites don’t get enough traffic and links because they lack social interaction. The good news is that you can increase user engagement and drive more traffic by using WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of free and paid apps that can encourage social sharing, display related content, and show visitors your social media pages.

Here are the best WordPress plugins to increase user engagement:

Simple Reach

This popular WordPress plugins is being used by The New York Times website and other famous blogs. Once you install this program, a little box slides in and suggests readers to check out other posts on your site or blog. Simple Reach can increase your click through rate by as much as four percent. Adding this plugin to your site is a great way to lower your bounce rate and allow readers to share your posts more easily.

Comment Luv

Comment Luv enables readers to leave a link to a recent post on their site at the end of their comment. So if someone comments on your site, he can place a link to his latest blog post. This simple plugin can bring more traffic and comments to your blog. Millions of websites are using Comment Luv to increase user engagement and attract traffic.

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is a free WordPress plugin that sends “thank you” emails to the people who left comments on your blog. All you have to do is to write and submit a short “thank you” message that will be sent to your commenters. You can also choose custom templates and remind people to check the replies to their comments.

Social Locker

This unique WordPress plugin increases social sharing by asking readers “to pay” for your content with Facebook likes or tweets. It basically locks a part of your content until a user clicks your social buttons. Locked content is still available to search engine spiders.

Adding this plugin to your site won’t affect SEO. You can use it for locking any type of content, including text, pictures, links, and videos. To get the most out of this app, post valuable content that people are eager to share with their friends and social contacts. No one will hit the share or like buttons if you publish poor quality content.

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