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Best Free and Paid WordPress FAQ Plugins

by John
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"wordpress faq plugins"Most business websites and online stores have a dedicated FAQ section. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This page should include the most commonly asked questions related to your products, services, and brand. WordPress FAQ plugins are a valuable tool for business owners. With these apps, you can offer support on your blog and help visitors find answers more quickly. The best WordPress FAQ plugins have premium features that can save both you and your visitors a lot of time.

Spider FAQ

This top rated WordPress plugin allows you to provide customers with a well-designed FAQ section featuring questions and answers on various topics. With this plugin, you can set up multiple categories and organize customer questions accordingly. This app features a WYSIWYG editor for FAQs, 22 built-in themes, and customization options. Users can even add like/dislike buttons, full images, and HTML support. The Spider FAQ is free.


This revolutionary plugin can turn your blog into a Q&A website. Readers can sign up for an account via Facebook, Twitter, or email in order to be able to ask and answer questions. The best part is that you can add Google AdSense to monetize the content in this section. WP-Answers will automatically post questions and replies from Yahoo Answers to your blog to improve user experience.

Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base

As its name suggests, the Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base plugin enables users to create, categorize, and reorder the most frequently asked questions on their blogs. They can also insert categories or individual questions using shortcodes, rearrange questions, post excerpts, and add media. This plugin includes a free and a paid version.

FAQ-Tastic Lite

The free version of the FAQ-Tastic Lite allows you to create a FAQ section on your blog easily. This plugin is flexible enough to handle multiple categories and questions for different sections. You can choose to have your questions and answers listed on the same page, set up multiple pages, create answer lists, and send automatic email notifications of answered questions. This powerful WordPress plugin is 100% free. All you need to do is to sign up for an account.

Easy FAQ with Expanding Text

With this free plugin, users can create animated FAQ pages with answers that slide down when the questions are clicked. This app is easy to install and set up even by those with no coding knowledge. You can also include photos and videos in your answers.

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